The Hand That Rocked The Cradle

Love does not exist in a life unwanted
Left to grow, slow, frail and discarded…

Fucked for a thrill, forgot the pill
Woke up with a chill, a thought to kill
Suicide is painless when drugged senseless
To be bold and pretentious without courage is useless

Why did he have to live with every breath hard to give
What if, what if, what if he let, to forget and forgive
Would the world be new, in smell, taste and hue
When seasons turn in view, embrace life to pursue
With honour and decency, lest we forget integrity
Where love is shared equally, respectfully, for all humanity

The hand that rocked the cradle
Scarred a child’s heart, disabled
Feelings flow, over, under, in fear
Found always hiding far and near
Time stands still yet flys by quick
Lost all the chances to let love in
Shied away from all affection
Living in solitudes affliction