She is his aphrodisiac, his narcotic overdose, that sweeps him back.
His fingers press where kisses laid, lips burn as they trail along her spinal cord.
Consumed beneath his weighted frame, the heat expelled sets them aflame
With cock set between, grinding, sliding, soaked with her sheen.
Penetrating deep with every thrust, on each, every one, she cussed.
With arms embracing her feathered pillow, moans turn to screams, like psycho.
Her words fill the air, pleading for her cock to swear…
“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t ever stop, don’t you fucking stop, not until I drop…”
Overwhelming sensation takes flight, spasm after spasm, escalates in height.
Waves of emotions flowing like torrent oceans.
Around his shaft her muscles tighten, just then, she comes and comes bitten.
He slows the pace, to give her grace.
Prepare you now little dove, it’s now his turn to come undone.
His cock goes in, full hilt; the earth shifts its tilt.
Fucking, harder and on, getting harder, harder without any order.
A fistful of her hair, while riding his beautiful mare.
Not much time needed for him, he’s starting to boil, reaching the rim.
Her voice erupts with a scream, demanding for his cream.
That’s all it took, the room shook.
Every ounce poured out with a thunderous shout.
Expired they lay side by side, their breaths together sighed.
Caressing her curves divine, he whispered “you’re mine”
“my aphrodisiac, my narcotic overdose that sweeps me back”