Frozen In A Pause

Wash my face with rain, let the cool ease the eyes
Embrace the gift of life, behold, a never ending bliss

Bathe in suns shine, as it pours over warmth
Soaked in the brilliance of its strength

Drift on high, carried by the winds
East, West, North, South, glide with wings

Dip and dive, curve, swerve in a craze
Head for the ocean to ride the waves

Float onto a shore in a land far away
A golden state, where beauty led astray

Came a vision, a woman that left me in a stun
Silky hair, glowing skin, her eyes outshines the sun

Reach to speak, say hello, silence overcomes
As a dreamers dream is frozen in a pause

Trapped within a fantasy rhyme
In just another poem, lost in time