A Stupid Poem ~ the end ~ D / D

A time of simple, when imagination is drawn with coloured wax
A time of simple, when a child, can relax

A day gone by, smelling baked apple pie
A day gone by, when everyone in town says hi!

A loss of time along the way, things began to change
A loss of time, values became very strange

A single dollar, is the root of all evil
A single dollar, buys a ticket to meet the devil

A hope remains, to return to a more simple life
A hope remains, not living on the edge of a cruel knife

A faith in heart, believing there is good left in this world
A faith in heart, knowing earth is our pearl

A time to forget, all the pent up regrets
A time to forget, all the sins that begets

A chance to forgive, to let it all go free
A chance to forgive, not all sins can be

A violent act, against a human-being is a tragedy
A violent act, on each other is a mortal sin to all humanity

A prayer to God, in any language is all the same
A prayer to God, because of colour is a shame

A stupid poem, may never make a difference
A stupid poem, written in silent reverence