Seasons Come And Go

A time that was when youth wore green
Spun so tight, it glowed with a gleam
Sun and moon took turns dancing
The wind plays the music, enchanting

Sprouting buds, break to breathe
Setting off springs growing need
Drops of rain to quench the earth
Sucked by roots, filling it’s girth

Blooms full, like summer lovers
Gardens burst, a kaleidoscope of colours
Countryside or seaside, melt into bliss
Beyond mountain tops to deep oceans abyss

Rusty under the sun, begins to fade a golden hue
The time has come for a season to end, begins anew
Blowing winds pickup the tempo, jazzy is autumns inferno
Exploding work art, Mother Nature paints a colourful show

Mercury takes a dip, dropping down to the bowl
A chill so chilling, it begins to snow hard then slow
Winter comes, the wind now hums a buzzing sound
Swirling, curling, cold as fuck, blankets the ground

A time that was when youth wore green
It comes again with a smiles sheen
Soft as a puppy, whose warmth cuddles the soul
Seasons come and go, the circle is always whole