Beautiful Sadness Splashes All

Sorrow plants, a pond reflects
Dampened earth, soaks the heart
Lilly pads float, to reach the sun
Flowers bloom, to catch her eyes
Ripples wave, to sounds of cries
Stinging tears, that trail and fall
Beautiful sadness, splashes all

Place of peace, in meadows hold
Embraced by winds, that softly kiss
In storied song, of natures bliss
Love is found
Closest to ground
Memories kept, held to recall
Beautiful sadness, splashes all

A forest green, buzzing with life
Bluebirds sing, in trees above
Butterflies float, bouncing along
Dragonflies dip, then dive
Bees do it, in the hive
Storybook tale, long and tall
Beautiful sadness, splashes all

A right of birth, the first breath dubs
Happy-go-lucky, born to be free
Dorian Grey took the Devils deal
Possessed by his reflection seen
Through a mirror, smoke and screen
Truth concealed, drowned in alcohol
Beautiful sadness, splashes all


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