Love, Peace and Wonder

I stand before you, tired and meek

Frail, withered weak

Have felt the stinging burn of fire

Melt my skin, thick in mire

The pain endured to great to resist

Ride the glide, as a razor rounds wrists

Cutting in, not too deep

Tingles the flesh that yawns to sleep

The flow is slow as light fades to a glow

Where peace, finally felt, seems real

On my knees, I kneel

With the strength left

Saved, so as to express

To you, to me, see my face in the mirror

Showing all the scars of horror

My true spirit lives inside of me

Not in a garden, a promise of heavens glory

Not among the blessed martyrs

Or those taken as innocent youngsters

Here in me, with what passion I alone can muster

Announce my freedom to live in love, peace and wonder



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