Mother Nature

Wind at my feet, tingles summer sweet
The moon hidden within a cool June
Clouds painted grey, misti-breath sprays
Rain drops bounce off leaves in trees they dance
Sounds of a symphony, playing natures harmony
Creating the words in my head that would be read
Sublime visions, exploding in colourful images
Waiting for the sun to rise and brighten the eyes
Deep emerald green, a blanket laid serene
Dotted with flowers, bursting their own colours
Species of every kind, filling the heart and mind
True beauty exists, when Mother Nature permits
The beholder to witness, her loving forgiveness
She may toil and thunder, turn us over and under
Split open the ground, shake the oceans around
Tossed debris, along highways built for you and me
Insulting her existence, tarnishing her brilliance
The anger unleashed, the earth besieged
Until a calm, comes from her gracious palm
Stroking a face, with a warming grace
A love for her children, in spirits kindred