A Pencil Full of Lead

the first thought is all about the want

nerves of steel to a shake from fear

adrenaline surge, where bile ferments

a chamber ignites a combustion of events

how seasons change every move of a muses mood

sex-appeal drives mad, looks to the man on the moon

need and hatred scatters as leaves with a hope of love

bathes in the suns rays, a romance to feed off of

sunsets are drawn as a consolation prize

however the day ends it soothes the eyes

the poet pulls his weapon and twirls it round fingers

armed with parchment floating on hashish that lingers

sonnets and hymns, songs and lyrics

stories and poems, amusing limericks

wielding a story with a pencil full of lead

shapes and letters exploding in his head


5 thoughts on “A Pencil Full of Lead

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