Freedom From Choice

Words in my head rattle around mostly with frowns
Hurt fades when they disappear but pain finds a way to reappear
So many thoughts, so little time, they strike like darts
Black liquid gold with a dab of cream, spiked with rum in caffeine
The heart rate climbs, it speeds, the need for weed
Blood flows red, feel the surge, snakes to the head
Herb inhaled, mingles sweet with a beat that treats
Explosive are the thoughts, the haves and have nots
Whomever your love let the love come back
If God is God found everywhere, doesn’t that make Him the devil as well
Fear from below as much from above
Heaven and Hell, controls the middle
Left and Right bitch, between two of the same Shit!
Which one are you?

Truth is
Whichever you choose
Your soul belongs to
Freedom comes from choice
And with compassion, perhaps rejoice