How True Love Feels

Love fiercely, how the wind of a hurricane engulfs or the shake of the earth as it quakes

Love tenderly, letting emotions glow like a meandering river flows

Love honestly, speaking the truth to allow touch the courage to soar and bloom

Love slowly, keeping time held under glass but free to explore the points of a compass

Love magically, where tingles of the heart spins a fantasy world real from the start

Love lovely, to the point where separation is healed knowing how true love feels


Forever Yours

Whenever I find myself in the dark, I think of the time when love struck my heart
She floated in slow like a butterfly does, dancing in the meadow
I swear, when she said hello my knees buckled my smile sparkled
Straining to see her eyes I flipped through the pages of her timeline
Its this kind of love that has me stuck in a world surrounded by wifi
Poetry collided, it melded into a duet like it was making love under a sunset
Words fused as one, flowing lines creating verses, spinning the world on its axis
She wanted a kiss, I craved that bliss
If only the matrix were real, transporting me from the surreal, so I can feel
To know the touch I speak-of and whisper, forever yours, my-love


A Stupid Poem ~ the end ~ D / D

A time of simple, when imagination is drawn with coloured wax
A time of simple, when a child, can relax

A day gone by, smelling baked apple pie
A day gone by, when everyone in town says hi!

A loss of time along the way, things began to change
A loss of time, values became very strange

A single dollar, is the root of all evil
A single dollar, buys a ticket to meet the devil

A hope remains, to return to a more simple life
A hope remains, not living on the edge of a cruel knife

A faith in heart, believing there is good left in this world
A faith in heart, knowing earth is our pearl

A time to forget, all the pent up regrets
A time to forget, all the sins that begets

A chance to forgive, to let it all go free
A chance to forgive, not all sins can be

A violent act, against a human-being is a tragedy
A violent act, on each other is a mortal sin to all humanity

A prayer to God, in any language is all the same
A prayer to God, because of colour is a shame

A stupid poem, may never make a difference
A stupid poem, written in silent reverence


Dreaming of a Kiss ~ the end ~ CDXCIX / D

Shut my eyes that I may see, the cause and effect of a kiss given to me
Gentlest lips caress to press, sending shivers my heart melts into a mess
Soft to touch, lips to lips dip, tongues darting out, sultry tip to sultry tip
I do see a kiss a kiss, how sweet it leaves me with this feeling of bliss
Eyes still shut, forever hold, dreaming of a kiss never grows old
Kiss me now, I’ll kiss you back, I believe this is the moment that I wake up

Monday comes dragging along, thinking of that Boomtown Rats song
Tuesday appears out of thin air, half asleep half awake, I swear
Wednesday takes its time but at just the right moment, that camel smile
Thursday is a blur to the core, ring in the weekend like the hammer of Thor
Friday space-heads flashing memes, some write poems of dreams
Glide through the days doing what needs doing, hours fade quickly going


To Make A Poem Bleed ~ the end ~ CDXCVIII / D

A poet could write about flowers and trees
High atop mountains, low to where valleys sleep
How rivers rush tween canyons and meadows
Veins of fresh water, pours down, oceans swallow
Seven wonders that equal the sum of a minute
Taking in that exact moment of being in the present
Giving in only to stop and look at the stars above
To wonder how far, how far, to go for true love
The gift of a heart is the trust given from the start
Pain comes from the blows taken from battles fought
True love can never come from song nor poem
Whether words written in rhythmic verse or prose
To make a poem bleed, the real must be felt
When senses unite to hear, see, taste and smell
The bloom of natures hold kissed by the sun
Falling in love for the first time, since life begun


The Final Piece ~ the end ~ CDXCVII/ D

A time it was not long ago, a visitor came as pleased. It began as a tease you see, he made me believe. I fell into his trance and just like that, gave a jolt. Propelled towards riches of grandeur in hope.

Rising, rising, ever so slowly rising, the horizon. Appears a stare so far into the future, an illusion. Flickering bolts of lightning behind a blanket of clouds. Illuminates a glow that turns everything upside-down.

Reflecting like a mirror to show the truth of ones soul
I see mine, staring into my eyes in judgment I alone behold. Hello darkness my old friend, you’ve returned once again. Perhaps to place the final piece and ease this puzzles pain.


Reading My Mind ~ the end ~ CDXCVI/ D

I found ink in my veins
from a cut of a blade
dripped as a line
that turned into a rhyme
blood dried soaking up eyes

reading my mind…

I found ink in my veins
from a beating heart
boils with thoughts
exploding in my head
misty heat escapes from blasting breath

leading my mind…

I found ink in my veins
from a pounding brain
shots of lightning bolts spark a fire
burns the words flaming dire

bleeding my mind…

I found ink in my veins
from a passionate will
craves to speak a perfect prose
trembling with fear
that your ears would hear

heeding my mind.