The Perfect Cup ~ a collaboration of Art and Poetry

If I were blind, I would know she was here
Her perfume wafts through the shop’s air
Breathing her in, my morning muse sparks
The lady whose latte is poured from my heart
A stainless steel pitcher warms in my palm
The steam raises the stakes for the perfect cup
My nerves tingle to wish her a good morning
Her smile captures mine, leaves me yearning
The aroma escapes from freshly pressed coffee
Filling it up with milk, steamy hot and frothy
Finishing it off with a heart shaped top

I present it to her, wait and watch
My anticipation climbs
And stops me from moving
Holding my breath
Until her first sip is taken
Like a kiss from sleep awaken

Other customers can wait, my heart just might break
My love for her is more than I can take
The rush hour line, is now out the door
But she’s the only beauty here on the floor
The look on her face, made mine drop
Perhaps I made it too steamy hot
Oh no, I’m hanging my head low
She doesn’t like this coffee, it’s clear, I know
But she whispers sweetly; let’s try a new brew
Just so you know, Sir, I come here for you
And your heart, that you put on top

Drawing by ~ Mr. Modigliani
Poetry by ~ AntönyRös & Mr. Modigliani

A new collaboration.
I have admired Mr. Modigliani’s work for some time and his passion for life how it weaves through and touches the soul. He is no stranger to this community but if for some reason you have not crossed paths with Mr. M, please visit his blog Mr. Modigliani’s Private Studio
please visit and enjoy

Mr M, thank you for this opportunity to share a moment with you.

Through Time And Space, We Exist ~ (4 ~ collaboration)

We always try to count our blessings
Take a stroll on the sunny side of the street
Meet, greet, smiles shuffling to a beat
Stop by a cart, pickup some street-meat
Sauerkraut and onions zipped with ketchup
Lounging in a bun, toasted by the sun
Break it apart, give half to a bum
It isn’t much, it might be all one can sum up
Through time and space, we exist
We do, we surely fucking do

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste
Why waste
Why waste

Children ignored for a phone’s digital charm
Desperate for play, to interact with someone
Perhaps dig in sand, fly a kite over sea
Or play a marathon game of Monopoly
Face-to-face with a smile, they gently ask
It takes nothing to set down our screens
Yet, when we say let’s play…it means everything
Through time and space, we exist
Nurturing these youth of ours
Will change Earth’s energy

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste
Why waste

People hurting in all walks of life
It takes nothing at all to be kind
A smile, a hug, even virtually
Can make such a difference to see
We can’t all reach for money
But we can all find other ways to be
The bright spot in someone’s sorrow
The way to their happy tomorrow
Through time and space, we exist
To connect is something that we all wish

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste our hearts in solitary
Why waste

It’s better to give than to take, or so they say
Those who haven’t really had hard times
Wandering and wondering where to stay
Spoiled rotten they look away to their screens
Tuck their children in bed after being fed
Airing it on social media for it to be read
“Look at me,” and all that I’ve done for society
When the reality is it’s only for notoriety
Through time and space, we exist
Together yet separately, this can’t persist

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste our hearts in solitary
Why waste our very existence

Written by PoetGirlEm ~ VictoryInTrouble ~ Wetbliss ~ AntönyRös

I’m fucking high right now. Both spiritually and physically.
Physically cuz, I just smoked a fatty 😋💨
Spiritually, because of the experience of sharing with another soul.
In this case, three beautiful souls.

(stanza 2) Miss Emily from, PoetGirlEmyou know her. She writes beautifully, she sings whimsically, she plays that thingy that she has to squeezy And, she is the inventor of the IBoard Desk. I kid you not. Check out her site. You’ll see it. And when there, surf through and you know, feel the jam. Shes cool, super cool. I promise you.

(stanza 3) Miss Vic from, VictoryInTroubleyes, her table is set and it’s covered end to end. A mix, a buffet of so many stunning words that you will surely find many that will stir the heart fancy. Go, go now and see….you’ll see the brilliance of her poetry and feel each line creep into your body, shake, rattle and roll

(stanza 4) Miss Wetbliss, from Wetbliss my bucketlist partner. Remember now, I’m high.
Sultry, steamy, sensually stimulating, she sins with her words. Beware, reading this sirens poetry will cause temporary blindness that erupts with colours of sex that only dreams can make up but leaves a wish for it to be real. Go visit! Now!

Ladies, thank you 🙏➰❤️

Rein Me In And Rain On My Reign? ~ 3some collaboration

Judge a book by its cover, you’re a fucker
You think you can rein me in, lead my way
Say whatever the fuck you want to say
You don’t know me, the truth I keep inside
I hide from assholes like you
Narcissistic assholes like you
Rein me in and rain on my reign?
Your fangs drip to suck a life
But all you’ll get from me is my knife.

I’ve met your kind before
You think you’re the first?
Shooting acid with your words
Aiming for me like errant pinballs
In my life I’ve uncovered many stones
At times, underneath crawled poisoned toads
Rein me in and rain on my reign?
Not bloody likely, I don’t fucking think so!
Get ready to fail & fall on my sword

I’ll reign o’re your thoughts like plague to flesh
slowly eat them alive until only woe is left
I’m not your sick interpretation
I’m the definitive superlative final resignation
the new definition for your mental pain
thought you could rein me in and rain on my reign?
I’ll leave you visibly shaken
laugh as you twitch— and as you beg for abjuration;
I’ll just call it a day and smile as men in white drag you away

written by ~
Nathalie of a French girl’s musing

Matthew of This Mortal Flesh

et moi ➰

Dear friends whom I’ve shared a page with and adore, merci, grazie and thank you 

Hope you enjoy, please visit Nathalie and Matthew, not only are they wonderful writers/poets but they are, two fucking amazing souls with heart