The Bucket List Series ~ The Dead Kennedys & Us

My honour to write with the talented word slinger Wetbliss on another instalment of the Bucket List series. Truly a gift to share lines with her. Make sure you visit her blog. She’ll make you feel

Wet Bliss

Written by: AntönyRös (Bold) & Wet Bliss

The morning after the Masquerade


Peering out of one eye looking around a bit surprised
Quietly hit the loo to take a leak, then brush hairy teeth
Slipping back in bed placing gentle kisses on forehead
With a protruding nudge urging his baby to wake up
Last night was fun, but they both were too drunk to fuck

Whispers in a smooth, as a raspy voice would allow
His breath heats her ear, I want you baby, I need you now
A smile curls to the delight in rise of her sleepy eyes
Spooning, feeling the caress, kisses on her neck
Wet, the tingle that signals she wants it just as bad


A morning stretch, hand on breast, back pressed
Ass wiggling yes in response, grinds against hard cock
Sliding in between, a look back, eyes and lips meet
Bodies join intuitively moving…

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The Bucket List Series ~ Masquerade 

Bucket List Series continues…
Thank you to all who may read and hopefully enjoy.

Head over to Wet Bliss. Soak yourself into her world of sensual exploration. A true artist who paints with words across the sky within the mind and heart

Wet Bliss

A Duet

Written by: AntönyRös & Wet Bliss

Please visit my collaborators site by clicking on his name above

image1Long stemmed roses fill a crystal vase
Shimmers from the Suns radiant visage
Lace, placed, tied around as a ribbon
A note attached, an invitation

Reading, she catches herself whispering,
“I can’t wait,” and tucks the note away
Smelling the flowers, she has an hour
In the shower, fondly thinking of him

A silent ring vibrates, glances at screen,
She smiles at the message, be on time says he
Slips on her dress, silk on silky flesh, heels click
A little girls skip down the yellow brick road

Door Ajar, dings, standing there mask and all
Black glove extended, a sly knowing smile
Takes hand offered, slides into the backseat
Her husband sits across, sight of desire caught

Door closes them in, wheels spin, the game begins
Kato, takes the long way…

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The Office Visit: A Bucket List Installment ~ Duet

another checked off a list
what’s next? Gotta wait for August.

Thank you again and again M’Bliss, playing in your sandbox is so much fun. Now that I have my very own private office at work, you can imagine where my thoughts have been 😈

Friends. Please dip into the link to Wetbliss. Roam around but be carefull. There should be warning sign on her blog.
Caution: Extremely Wet Floors 💦💧💦💧💦

Wet Bliss

Written by: AntönyRös & Wet Bliss

The July installment of our monthly Bucket List series. We hope y’all are enjoying the adventures of this married couple. Please visit my collaborators site by clicking on his name above.


“Mr. Smith! Mrs. Smith is here to see you”
Send her in, send her in, he repeats with joy
The only time she visits him at work is to fuck
A midday snack, hanky panky in the bosses office
She walks around the desk and sits on top
Millions of dollars in corporate documents
She smells of vanilla and jasmine oil
Intoxicating allure, his thoughts now boil

She eyes her affection, his pressing erection
Sliding off one shoe, thighs part giving a view
Toes dance along zipper as hands easy glide
Up smooth skin coaxing shivers and delighted sighs
Papers crinkle and float to the floor, carelessly
Knees pressed wide apart with an urgency…

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The Bucket List ~ His Night ~ (check)

Black suit, white shirt, shoes with an onyx shine
Silk straight tie that ripples as light reflects lines
An occasion that requires to be dressed to the nines
A check, off the list that was once so taboo, it was a crime
His Night, shared with his wife, wearing a strap on and smile

It’s her turn to drive off-road and she’s calling all the shots
Her orders executed with precision, a stretch, to make him hot
A public statement, a sexy dominatrix determined to top
She adjusts to the power and feel of her glorious, long cock
Tonight they’d be getting off once his cherry-ring popped

She eyes her man, standing tall, dark and handsome
As quick as a wink, was told to discard the Boss, fashion
A Chippendale moment, she oiled and stroked her phalanx
The fire burning inside her, heats the rubbers passion
Prepping to lube up his butt, to take her dominating accession

Switched, what started out as play is no longer a game
Fingers buried in the hair at his nape, pulled in for a taste
Tongue probing, molding, stroking making a claim
A gasp, a breath, his body sways, she took his words away
The façade protecting his ass would never be the same

The command to turn over, just like rover, would do simple
Doggie down, ass in the air, she notices his, Mars dimples
A lick from the tip, along his shaft, kissing the balls, her nose tingles
Taking in his manly scent, reaching the crest, she sizzles
At attention, holding her rubber cock, she begins to wiggle

Loins rocking with burning emotion on their own accord
Instinctually, her tongue quickly darts out to further explore
Primal musky flavor that has her stabbing at his core
Drool and spit, fingers slip, building overwhelming adore
Open and ready he accepts the tip and begs for more

Surging sphincter, a rush, rushing forward on
Tingling his cocks head, as hers penetrates in
Slippery slope, soapy suds, the joy foaming sin
The ride from behind, her smile forms a devilish grin
His Night, as she fucks his ass from up top

It’s His Night, and for her alone he gives it all to her
Meeting thrusts where pain and pleasure start to blur
Nestled deep in his seat she grinds into a slow wind
Pouring wine then a reach around to squeeze his vine
Dry from behind saying, “Your ass was always mine”

written by ~ Wetbliss and Ax. 

image image

I hope you enjoyed this romp. A new addition to our bucket list series.
please visit Wetbliss
A talented and beautiful soul. Her pen can peel clothes off in a flash and draw the desire that comes naturally. i am honoured to call her my friend. to have had the pleasure to write with and hope to continue on.

M’Bliss, thank you yet again. Bowing 🙏➰❤️

The Bucket List Series: #2 ~ A Duet with Ax

From a coffee shop back alley to the sky above land and sea. This couple checking off a list made up of sensuous lust and love.
I hope you enjoy this next installment. I wonder what’s next for Mr and Mrs Smith. Stay tuned for next months adventure.
Please visit WetBliss, follow the link and dive into her world of Bliss

Thank you M’Bliss🙏➰❤️

Wet Bliss

Written by: Antony & Wet Bliss

The Mile High Club: Check


Finally, a three-day getaway and a chance to play
Flying the open friendly skies, aboard the red-eye
Lights off in the cabin, our seat-belts unfastened
Under arm and covers, new experiences to discover
Warmth pressed to cheek, urges fingers to release
Quietly unzipping his fly she leans in to give it a try
Licking the oozing slit, rubbing moisture on her lips
Pressure builds as they ascend trying not to offend
Those sitting at arms length, as they give and take
Defying set behaviors for intimacy goals to savor

Speeding through the sky, high above the clouds
Stars glitter the night, in a wondrous sight
Streaking asteroids zip by, holding breath with a sigh
Soft slurping sounds, brings a rise and swell to crown
Sucking deep, kneading balls, a twitch kicks
Ssh, she whispers, sit back and relax

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The Bucket List Series  ~  1  ~  a duet

A barista frothing, swirling sounds of mothers milk
The steam churning a whirlpool of lush cream
A lady in waiting feels a tingle, one a vibrator signals
Fidgeting, she turns her head and sees a dream
Six feet two, in Armani blue, hands in his pockets
Eyes bright, as shooting rockets
Her breath escapes, he inhales
Her lips part, he smiles
Shall we take it to go?
She nods to a door that leads to an alley below

Customers passed, guiding hand above her ass
Never looking back, a inconspicuous sip
Against nervous lips, down the stairs into humid air
Heart racing, anticipation of a torrid affair
Ready to come undone the caffeine’s done
Tossed cups, mouths crush, pushed up
Against the wall as sighs fall
Skirt hikes on top of thighs
His fingers slip under as hers unzips
Riding his digits she pumps in a tight fist

He tastes her on his fingers, mingling with espresso
Tongues her mouth, to mix in her caramel macchiato
As she catches the scent of her own natural beauty
He spreads her legs and dives down below
Pressed against wall and railing, her flower blooms
Looking up at a beautiful blue morning sky
Standing up, raising one leg, he enters slow, at first
Building up speed, his buttocks flexes hard
Thrusting high and deep, she muffles moans meek
Letting out shouts when it hits that fucking g-spot

She begins to spout as he swallows her sounds
Filling withdrawal symptoms, dipping in and out
Energy courses through their bloodstream
A double-shot stimulant of raw carnality
The best way to wake up is with mounting lust,
Foldgers can’t compare to the heady aroma in the air
Shared between full bodies that brew incessantly
Legs wrapped around waist he deeply percolates
Spewing and sputtering until the last drop drained
Slipping off she skims the froth on his cock, for a taste

Stirring sensations, a full and robust French press
A dollop of cream and a whisper of cinnamon
The buzz in their heads erupts a caffeines rush
Eyes staring into eyes of a special one
From a kiss, as gentle as the rain in spring, she whispers…
“I love you, and all the things you do for me. For us.”
She buries her head in his chest, they catch their breath
Arms wrap tightly in a hug then she begins to giggle
He asks what’s so funny, and grinds his hips a little
She says, I’m sorry, the front of your pants are a mess

a collaboration, written by ~ Wetbliss and Ax ~

it is always a pleasure when I get to write with Wetbliss Press Here for Link to Blog
She is a favorite of mine going back to day one on my journey through this magical land called wordpress. Her poetry is exquisite. Her style has the grace of a Lady and the passion of a Seductress. A poetess, poet, a slinger of exotic, erotic words who can spin to the dark and shine a light to soften the heart.
Please, if you have never been to Wetland…..get over there and be blissed.

Thank you M’Bliss. for your friendship and support 🙏❤️


I hope you enjoy the series…..