Rocky Mountain High

Mount Engadine

She embraces my eyes to look out.
She dares me to feel what’s inside.
Living beneath her outstretched limbs.
She invites me to play with her and smile.
A gift received wrapped with pine and fir.
With blue skies after a snowy night.
Not a sound heard but for one jolly ho ho ho.
Run down the steps through an open door.
Standing outside in my jammies and toque.
Screaming…I’m alive!


Pic taken at Mount Engadine Lodge in the Canadian Rockies. This past Christmas morning.

Belated Happy Christmas to all

End of Silence

End of Silence

Hearing whispers that keep repeating.
Over and over louder, as it gets beating

Squeezing tight to make it stop with a wish.
In silent screams that it may vanish

How can a wish come true when silence rules.
It serves to lead the mind of fools

Every note played in a song of life.
Cut out with a razor-sharp knife

Left with a sound of silence.
Taken by an act of self-violence

The final strum, the end of a fading hum.
Waiting for death to come

Stabbing lights that strike like diamonds.
Cutting deep it ends the silence

All that remains on a page, a name and a title, neither saint nor sage.
Forgotten in time of a hearts bleeding rage


Happy New Year to all filled with love and peace

The Bucket List Series ~ The Dead Kennedys & Us

My honour to write with the talented word slinger Wetbliss on another instalment of the Bucket List series. Truly a gift to share lines with her. Make sure you visit her blog. She’ll make you feel

Wet Bliss

Written by: AntönyRös (Bold) & Wet Bliss

The morning after the Masquerade


Peering out of one eye looking around a bit surprised
Quietly hit the loo to take a leak, then brush hairy teeth
Slipping back in bed placing gentle kisses on forehead
With a protruding nudge urging his baby to wake up
Last night was fun, but they both were too drunk to fuck

Whispers in a smooth, as a raspy voice would allow
His breath heats her ear, I want you baby, I need you now
A smile curls to the delight in rise of her sleepy eyes
Spooning, feeling the caress, kisses on her neck
Wet, the tingle that signals she wants it just as bad


A morning stretch, hand on breast, back pressed
Ass wiggling yes in response, grinds against hard cock
Sliding in between, a look back, eyes and lips meet
Bodies join intuitively moving…

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What’s In A Poem

The morning rise that fills the sky
With light from the east, would grow bright and high
The air that swirls, breathing in, a gentle sigh cries
So beautiful a blue, brushed across, side to side

Nostrils flair, a scent invades, the head raves
Buzzing tongue, a tingle leaves, heart to crave
The beating beat, pounding loud, wave over waves
Float on by, with wings spread wide and crested brave

From within the soul does live, to sing a song of love
Where spirits pour, a cup runneth over, from above
Silence broken, on whispered words, whereof
A promise made, in honour bequeathed to one of

The only smile that draws a mime to clutch the heart
Embrace the space, to bring to breast as art
When streaks flash by tearing his dream apart
Blackbird flying off, alone in the dark



We were all told to wear white
You know, so we can look the same
Take a photo that would resemble a blanket of snow
As the wind blows, drifting over head
Oblivious that there are other colours, like red
The red that reminds of passion in fruit and love
The blue that holds true so many feelings
Orange and yellow a pair made in heaven
It shades the sun to kiss the flesh
Greens some think of envy but the world lives in its nature
Silver and Gold…the root of evil
Or made into bands that unite people
Is not a colour
It’s the ultimate feeling
It paints the sky at night to see the stars
It covers to hold those who sleep
Some in blissful dreams
Others in terrible nightmares
It’s slimming
Its cool
Think of the little dress, you know what I mean
Black is worn on faces
Like white or any other colour
It defines
It characterizes
It separates to be rejoiced in its uniqueness
It takes life, even in the living
When darkness invades
Black reigns supreme
That’s me!
Stuck in a colorless dream



Sight of Silence

My, My lips, are swollen
From pressing down hard

Like metal wires, weaved tight
A zig zag laced and tied to a pierced ring

A reminder of the sin
Heated by hell’s, burning, cauldron

Sight of silence
Peaking through, blood stained lips of blue

A chance to see
Rain from heaven, soothe, these lips cool

Slides the wire
Just enough to whisper, I love you

Life sounds, muffle
My weak, meekness, that it contains, my voice

From speaking louder
So no one, can hear me calling


Filling The Sky In A Loves High

Beyond what light does lead,
her on to a journey unseen
Counting steps,
forgotten along the way,
turns right then left

How sun touches face
and moon soothes in a quiet state
Left fixed,
on a high,
burning visions that loop in her head

Present, becomes the past,
from today, comes tomorrow’s fate
Head in a forward gait,
that speeds, with every breath breathed

A heart that aches,
it bleeds, it beats,
it believes it can fly
Breathed with a want,
filling the sky in a loves high

Grasp the line and feel its delicate life rise
High above,
where her dreams are made of