Healing A Soul

Fell in love so many times, tears outpours rain
Under sky, the one this world eyes
A gift given to all of earths living creatures

All the stars that twinkle at night
The wind blows, like a kiss it cools
Bronzed by sun, glows the colour gold
The ocean sprays its mystic fragrance
On snowy days take comfort by fireside
When will it be enough to praise what is ours
Why choose a name for the divine who is the same
O’aught to be, this planet evolved for us to be free

Enslaved to work in bondage
Enslaved to owe a debt
History remains the same
Present and future has us chained

Yet, stirs the heart that pumps life through veins
Rushing, churning, what’s inside of us
Spiralling down a burrowed hole
The silhouette of a white wabbit
Looking up, wonders
Does a poem make one feel
Would it matter if lines stuttered
Breaking into rhymes, syllable after syllable

1 2 3, A B C…I See You, through the vibe of wifi
Loving every inch of space that comes through
Healing a soul, trapped in a world that spins hot and cold


Carousel Dreams

On a ride that gleams in a child’s eye
Round and around, everyone the leader
The music gets louder, galloping faster
Spinning, spinning, bursting with laughter
Carousel dreams, in a saddle sitting high

Painted ponies gallantly trotting
Wolves on a chase through the enchanted forest
Deer in a meadow seems to leap the furthest
Snuggling with a rabbit, hopping madness
Carousel dreams, a hearts gentle throbbing

How simple and dear when the young allowed to dream
Like a coin tossed into a fountain, pays for a wish beholden
If it comes true by miracles grace, fate brings out emotion
A tragedy when left hanging, the end of the ride heart broken
Carousel dreams, that ends perhaps licking up ice cream


Skipping Stones By The Shores of Kitchi-Gummi

Sunrise to sunset, never tires, these eyes that begets
Land that spreads wide, in this Ojibway forest
Rains fall in spring, mingles and flows as the snow melts

Rushing waters flood, through creeks to rivers trough
Running down twisting, turning, churning white froth
“Paddle to the Sea” when an Indian journeyed south

A tale told in a wooden canoe, carved as a toy
Each glide of the blade, shapes the mind of a boy
How far can he go if set free in search of spirits joy

Life all around lives breathing, creatures lay weary
Trespassers gawk to watch nature tell its story
In awe, leaves the mouth hanging, open, filled in glory

Blackbirds perched, peering down beady-eyed
Moose feeding in a bog, antlers sway side to side
Every sound heard, irks, rabbits to bounce and hide

When the heart respects space, exists tranquility
Skipping stones by the shores of Kitchi-Gummi
High as fuck, taking life, nice, slow and easy


Stories of the Past and Future

When did time create the first story
Was it written about the past in glory
I wonder, was it about hunting an animal
To feed, clothe, a tribe living in the jungle
Grunting verses told by primitive charades
By fire, under moon, a wolfs howl fades

Stories of past explorers and sailors
Crossing seas in search of futures
A new world, there had to be one
Planting, growing, evolving on up
Look to the stars, a journey beyond
A kaleidoscope of colours and song

Wars that eliminate species and races
Recording a history of greed and violence
Lessons taught to the young at heart
Not to repeat what ills man has rot
But to set an open course and unite
A world as one, for a future we may write


How True Love Feels

Love fiercely, how the wind of a hurricane engulfs or the shake of the earth as it quakes

Love tenderly, letting emotions glow like a meandering river flows

Love honestly, speaking the truth to allow touch the courage to soar and bloom

Love slowly, keeping time held under glass but free to explore the points of a compass

Love magically, where tingles of the heart spins a fantasy world real from the start

Love lovely, to the point where separation is healed knowing how true love feels


Forever Yours

Whenever I find myself in the dark, I think of the time when love struck my heart
She floated in slow like a butterfly does, dancing in the meadow
I swear, when she said hello my knees buckled my smile sparkled
Straining to see her eyes I flipped through the pages of her timeline
Its this kind of love that has me stuck in a world surrounded by wifi
Poetry collided, it melded into a duet like it was making love under a sunset
Words fused as one, flowing lines creating verses, spinning the world on its axis
She wanted a kiss, I craved that bliss
If only the matrix were real, transporting me from the surreal, so I can feel
To know the touch I speak-of and whisper, forever yours, my-love