Dear Distant Dream

I call upon you every night and wonder, will it ever come
That wish, that hopeful want that would ease the numb
Of holding on to a dream but promised never to succumb
Crave a crave to touch her flesh and kiss, yet overcome
When truth be told, some, like me, are never meant to love


High As A Kite

I once flew a kite that was gifted to me
The first of nothing else, ever did I see
I know not how it came to be that he gave me
A fathers gift or a barters deal, I do see
Not for reason, that it may be, that means nothing to me
I set that kite myself alone, step by step I tried to see
The image, that my gift would fly, high as a kite, in me
I watched that kite dip and dive, I yelled, dad look and see
As if wings sprouted from my back, carrying me
I floated high to the sky, surely he must see
A child wanting for nothing, but does he love me?


Touches Her There

Her eyes see the first in him
Beware, what he does leads to happy or grim
Each stride, each step, skips in time
Her heart beats with his heel in rhyme
Closer, closer, his scent melds with her own
Intoxicating rush, they’d swear, doves flown
His voice greets, her ears hear
A pleasant accent, deep, soft and dear
Exchanging glances towards attraction
So far so good, going in the right direction
Eyes, how they smile when calling her name
It echoes the syllables lyrical, igniting a flame
Silverware and stemmed glasses of wine
Drunken sapiosexuals hot off the vine
Devouring their hunger, dessert is at home
Under stars on a balcony, inhibitions roam
A kiss to wet lips, kissed with a sweet creed
To vow, to love, to strip, to heed, this wanting need
Touches her there, where submission is art
Makes her feel safe, to the depths of his heart


No One Left Out

Always looking back
Could it be home or just another trap

So many stops along the way
Coast to coast in a flowing sway

Seasons come and go, the hardest
When leaves wave through the air bringing sadness

Watching time go by, think
The wonders missed, so don’t blink

Leaving on a… jet plane
Blazen off a sweet maryjane

City sounds all around
Feel the vibe come up from the ground

Lonely stranger in a new town
Fearless street walker with a frown

Bumming cigarettes and coins
Cons on the prowl, hookers grabbing loins

Patios die when chairs stacked high
No one buys when there’s no 9 to 5

Money breeds from money in hand
Share the wealth from corporate-land

Revive the dignity of humanity
Save the earth from imminent catastrophe

Change the laws to equal all
Stop these wars that yield a fall

The story of Adam and Eve is just a story
It was meant to portray Eden as a gift of glory

Man, woman and creatures throughout
No one left out, religion wasn’t a-thought


(just the weed, exploding in my head)


All the wants and desires never had
Written and played in songs to have
To hold those dreams that sting so bad

Travel beyond, the mind to inspire
Release the past, then let unwind
Dreams like stars streak by on fire

Names and legacy’s etched in stone
Monuments put to honour the bold
Died for freedom, our dreams atone

Feeling, just the feeling of wanting in lust
To fuck without limits but shed no blood
In dreams that end, with a nut to bust

Falling in love with the one, the one
Made up in dreams as a hit and run
Stunned with an ending left undone

Sunshine smiles on a cloudless day
Seven days a week, including Monday
It never rains when happy dreams play

Crying inside from a world filled violence
Trapped in dreams of a insane asylum
Left with scars, a melancholy silence


Ease A Puzzles Pain

A time it was not long ago, a visitor came as pleased
It began as a tease you see, he made me believe
I fell into his trance and just like that, gave a jolt
Propelled towards riches of grandeur in hope
Rising, rising, ever so slowly rising, the horizon
Appears a stare so far into the future, an illusion
Flickering bolts of lightning behind a blanket of clouds
Illuminates a glow that turns everything upsidedown
Reflecting like a mirror to show the truth of ones soul
I see mine, staring into my eyes in judgment behold
Hello darkness my old friend, you’ve returned once again
Perhaps to place the final piece and ease a puzzles pain