Lavender Love

streaking Citroen raising dust, a trail left floating
speckled sunlight reflecting, through gentle sloping valleys
rising, ascending
upwards, colliding with the sun
it sparks, as eyes adjust, descending down
a site beheld
beauty so sublime
thrones of loneliness on stems
as far as one can see
its purple haze upon this earth
intoxicating royalty
swelling eyes that weep
a never-ending flow of lavender
to and fro, swaying with the breeze, at ease
choreographed by the gods
to inspire, Aphrodite’s love
the universe momentarily halts
as the fragrance consumes
with such a force
it takes off
shades of purple hues from dark to light
high above they wave
to this visitor from another place and time
au revoir, mercie de votre visite


If Only Wings Could Fly

Innocent child, with thoughts at play
Hand me downs, the look of a clown
Ginger hair, flowing long, to the winds wave
A boy dreams, with the idea, he could fly

Cutout box, to shape, a pair of wings
Feathers plucked, by mothers hand
Roasting chickens on a fire
Glue on tips of quills, to set in layers

A length of twine, looped and tied
A gaze to the sky, eyes do spy
A flock of birds, somersaulting high
A blue that carries on, beyond and on

A step and two, overlapping four
The speed picks up as the wind screams for more
Arms spread wide, across the meadows hide
Dust in the wind, floats up to ride

With every stride, feathers fly
A trail of white, gently floats to ground
If only wings could fly
I would be soaring, through the sky

The sun would be behind
Glowing the white of my feathers might
From below and up, a shadow of a silhouette
Those who see, see a disappointment

If only wings could fly
I would strap them on right now
Run and run until feet leave off
To never return, seen or heard of




Tu Corazón

If I were but set in ways, that would have all life stand to watch. A blade would run from base to tip and in, it would, penetrate. The heart to feel the steel, cold and mean as a demons fiery stare. Yet demons exist only in dreams, made up of minds that have been betrayed. Shallow is breath, where love, was a word used to fill a gaping hole. Dug so deep, it echoes up, then down, meaningless.

Lost within the earths spin
Lived a life of sin
Took many, to the chin

So many fuck you’s
From being abused
Breath expelled used

The stench violates

Leaving a bitterness
That kills in a sweetness
Left to ponder in meekness

Hate fills the heart
It tears it apart
Yet, it makes it spark

It flares
It cares
It swears

Every day to end the misery
Of living a life in agony
Reliving the horrid memory

Here, to stand alone
A forgotten headstone
Tu corazón