Feelings hit with a calming sense,
filling the lungs crisp, clean, fresh,
it soothes a heavy-hearts pain,
a wanting cry, to belong.

The stride to glide,
slides with a child-like beat,
above, the day hovers,
below, the night waits to rise.
Singing along to a whistling tune,
it becomes a favorite song.

The shinning sun spreads its warmth, kissing cheeks,
waiting for the moon, in full to appear,
before a magnitude of glittering stars,
hope grows strong.

There is something between you and I,
a wordless touch of souls,
where silence comforts a joy to breathe,
the same air, it’s rare.

A reaching hand that strokes near yet far,
it lends itself in a most beautiful way,
a special kind of affair,
answered in prayer.

The only agenda,
is that we’ll be there,
as friends,
who really care.

Anger and pain will rise,
from time to time,
let it out,
to say what we will.

In life, struggles seems to find,
words not meant to be kept inside,
we’ll take the bitterness,
and swallow that awful pill.

When words are not enough,
only action has the right,
to believe there is a way,
self-worth, is worth it, still.


Haven’t been around as of late, BC rain can sure be a downer but had a bit of sun today. Staring out at the Golden Ears and Mount Baker WA. always gives me a boost. Nothing more majestic than snow capped mountains to dream with.

Pitt Lake, BC Canada, one of my hiding spots πŸ˜‰

Pitt Lake, BC Canada



The mirror reveals
A message like that
Sweet words that endear the heart
So blissful a smile turns to want

Steam still rising
The lettered streaks fade away
He spins around hard
She catches him, rising

Her finger curls in a calling
Her silent plea, needing
Taking it slow
Feeling it flow

Without any pressure
Seasoned souls
Reeling in the vibe
Along the thighs

Skims over the bump
On the hip that tickles
Beating hearts will rise
But its the tempo that creates the high

As you can see
I know you get this
When poetry sets free
Sex, when its Steamy


The Assassination of Satan

Cries billowing since known time began, fallen souls, sunken, lost, woman and man.
Countless cast thee of weakest heart and mind, into the Lake of Fire all confined.
Pain and suffering for eternity, the price of unrighteousness is costly.

Once at the right of God, with angelic beauty, His most powerful cherub in filial piety.
Rebelled against Him, turned into a demon, before His work complete, banished from heaven.
He of many faces, living among the sufferers of time, old and young.

Centuries pass, so many damned, at the hands of the fallen one, slammed.
Lured by temptation to have or have not, it all started with a bite of apple, red hot.
Eden was lost, for the sake of knowledge, the cost.

Battles between good and evil, continues as long as there are people.
Raphael and Gabriel summoned by Michael, these protectors, His Archangels
A plan to form, seduce, all three, will it take to induce.

The time has come, the fallen one to succumb.
Yield the dark reign, cleanse everlasting pain.
To be rid of this demon, the assassination of satan.