Threading A Flame

The want is there for all to see
Beyond borders and across the seas
A brewing love that has passed night and day
Setting the boundaries for a life in play

Threading a flame through the eye of a needle
Standing on an edge, razor sharp and lethal

Condemned to a solitude that was gifted
By the hand that rocked the cradle, inflicted
A life that is hated, the truth, let it be known
With an ounce of courage, head would be blown

Threading a flame through the eye of a needle
Standing on an edge, razor sharp and lethal

Stoned every night, keeping demons at bay
Years of battle brooding, left worn and gray
A seedless bloodline to end the game
In death, it would end the name

Threading a flame through the eye of a needle
Standing on an edge, razor sharp and lethal

Weary is the sorrow that breathes
Heard through the forest, howls that shake trees
A favourite song forgotten
Of a life begotten


You Are Beautiful

Hush little one, don’t you cry
Forever is so far away
Don’t worry about it coming
Tomorrow is a new day

Afraid to leave the room that holds the secrets of my heart
Afraid I stay inside, when the world turns about
Spinning on its axis, rotating with a life force flow
These words wish to be heard through screens aglow
When darkness comes with a sound of silence
Where echoes are snuffed by its deathly radiance

At night, the dark, shines bright
A twilight zone, the door fades away, to light
A calling of my name, to music played
Drawing me to rise, floating into the outside
Struck by the sun it burns my alabaster skin
As it warms, it coats a body frail and thin

Sounds appear, filling my ear
Never before heard, a world as dear
Smiles exist, from faces looking up
Cheerful on the day, I stopped giving up
Venture on exploring
What once, was ignoring

Words appear, from my mouth
They travel from north to south
From eyes, a dark chocolate brown
To the soles of, Chuck Taylor All Stars
You Are Beautiful, was all I said
A roar, vibrated in my head

You Are Beautiful, I said again
And again, it came out plain
once more, You, Are, Beautiful
In a way, that is most unusual
Eyes reflecting back, they stare
Into the eyes of the same, from a mirrors glare


Grey ~ iv/v

Her light fades away, through the years dragged in time
Painful breaths escape in rhyme
A constant beat, a never ending suite
Played in a sorrows tune
In the darkest of nights
Where there is no moon

Her light fades away, from a time it was grey
Now it fades to black
As the eyes turn inward back
Another triumph from deaths attack
Another trophy for the walls of hell
Another soldier rings satans bell

The love was always there, it was her stubborn icy heart
That invited darkness to start
Taking her light, tearing it apart
No one loved her she said
Believed it so, it stuck in her head
Day by day, Her light fades away


Grey Β  ~ Β  i /vΒ 

These things will slowly kill me yet
That’s a bet you can take to the bank
How many other fucking cliches can there be
About all that harms me
As a little boy I’ve sucked lolly pops
And jerked off till it popped
What little boys do when there’s nothing else
Better than getting beaten up by a man called father
Year after year in the month of June
Praise be given to the hand that rocked the cradle
Happy day sung in songs by little children in schools
Where they’re taught the steps of life by fools
Trapped by a government on what’s right and wrong
Blind to a boy who suffers being alive
How can he learn his abc’s
When his heart is deaf from tragedies
Living in lies, fueled by pain
Sharing the same grey as Eeyore
As sweet as Poo is, he’s a pain in the ass
Living in storybook lessons
Where real life lessens 
Lost in the grey that’s the in-between



Vile ~ warning: theme is disturbing

An intoxicating fragrance occurs in the heat of passion
It swells the senses, driving mad, endorphins
To the point where passion becomes poison

Bottled up, deep within the centre of the core
Lined and draped by bones and flesh
The beast that lives inside, comes out a wilde boar

Charging hard with razor sharp tusks, low to the ground
That would rise, to cut down
To hold in its grasp and take a flower before its bloom

Unlike a force of nature that can devastate
This is an act so vile, death turns its back
That it would allow a life, to live in pain and hate

The touches would be hard and hurtful
Weight would be crushing breath from lungs
Inhaling, nearly impossible

Penetration ignites a fire that burns
Sending bolts of lightning down the legs
The throat choked by a hand of horns

Vile, is the stench of possession against a will
The killing of a soul with a right to live
Left in a life where time stands still

Forever trapped in fear
A rape that replays every day
Leaving a trail, of a single tear


i cant write my story but its a similar feeling to this poem. at 16 I was and it haunts till today. never goes away.
End The Violence In Any Gender
Peace and Love

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

The hand that rocks the cradle unlike the beast as told in a storybook fable.
Is real and mean with a wrath that reveals the true inner demon it conceals.
Fueled by spirits that inebriate and drives the lack of patience to infuriate.
When a babe that cries in the night is abandoned and ignored by a drunkards right.
Left soiled with an empty belly then punished by the hand for being smelly.
Through the years this child blamed for all the wrongs claimed.
Bruises that are colored old and new each covered kept from view.
Alone and hidden a hooded friendless freak locked in a room can barely speak.
Cuts that bleed from a razors pain spiraling down a porcelain drain.
Watching red watered swirls fade to sleep where dreams now invade.
Dreams that cage the night until reality sadly awakens at first light.
To survive another day if able at the hand that rocks the cradle.


Why Me? Why Me?

so you try to believe
in a love
filled with possibilities

was it all a fantasy
believing that one love
heals misery

was it all just pretend
knowing they would leave
in the end

as fragile hearts
being used, abused
and torn apart

so it goes like the wind
blowing broken pieces
scarred and sin’d

no more lies
no more words
hearing the same story

from a smile that breaks
like a heart
that bleeds

from in to out
falling down
a tell sign for ones eyes

that says
whoa is me
fools kneeling and crying

silent tears
cant stop this fucking feeling
why me? why me?