SexyFuckingLicious ~ acrostic



Spellbinding drifts, a fragrance drafting in the air
Enticing an appetite to devour and snare
X‘s and O’s that cover with care
Yummy lips licked by tongues paired
Fiery breaths expelled and impaired
Unfettered by the restraints of prayer
Captivated by the essence of lust and good fare
Kissable, kissable, kissable dare
Inviting eyes of an angels stare
Numbing the brain to set free despair
Glorious by all that is right of affair
Luscious and precious mounting with flair
In the saddle, giddy-up thoughts of a Stallion and Mare
Comfy-cozy by an open fire with glare
Irresistible to the magic of spells circling in air
Overflowing with desires wanton need to wear
Unrivaled by loves touch is rare
Scrumptiously saucy, savory, left to dream, sublimely aware


Starseeds (a duet): part iii ~ double acrostic

Serendipity unites, two seeds seeking greatnesS
The desire stirring, lonely hearts kept aparT
Arresting thoughts, to banish this enigmA
Rising and soaring togetheR
Sewing time, stitching bringS
Each to each other now in embracE
Earth-born, releasing their cosmic guisE
Darkness shed, no longer does it dreaD
Starseeds finally touch, face to face in blisS

double acrostic written by
Tiffany and Ax

The third installment to the Starseeds series.
A collaboration that has taken me on a spiritual ride with the talented and lovely Tiffany from Tiffany Being Free

HALLELUJAH ~ acrostic

Home, is where my heart lays deep

Alone, beneath in wake or sleep

Left to dwell, to pound to beat

Lost in sorrow, darkness will keep

Everlasting hopes and dreams that seep

Love, to conquer do we weep

Unbridled joy, hearts will reap

Joined in spirits, joy of life as sweet

Announce my stand, to live a heap

Hallelujah, hailed by mountainside steep