Always, Isn’t Forever

Always, on my mind.
You trickle in, like, beams of light through windows morning smile
Those little particles that float in the air they dance about with a certain glee
Child like faerie dust found in a fantasy storybook rhyme
The start of hopeful days where anything should be possible, yes, anything
To want, to need, all that life has to offer, to take, to have, would be an honor
In my mind throughout the day to the moment my head rests to sleep
You are always on my mind
I love you, always.
Crave to hear your voice the sweetest sound ever heard
My desire, to see the glitter that shines from my Angels eyes
You drive me crazy the way you play but you keep me sane
I yearn to reach, to want, to touch, to feel the softness of your skin
My lips, they shape to match the curves of your own
I thirst for the potion that pours from your heart casting a spell on me
I love you always and forever
Always, isn’t forever.
The end will come its a matter of time, this be sure to know
With every start there must be a finish, some losers, some winners
Along the way two souls cross and collide with such a force stars shine
I love you, I do, funny how it just comes about, out of the blue, it brought me you
I’ll take you for a little or a lot the amount doesn’t matter at this time in life
To feel, to want, to keep you close to know you love me just as much
Always, isn’t forever, right now it is


this is a repost from March 27 2015. A year ago, this poem has received the most likes of all. just wanted to thank you for the love and likes. means a lot. 🙏❤️

in case you see me following you again, its because some of my notifications with you was turned off. quite a few sadly. not sure why, just a heads up.

Stays On

Shut the door
off to work
Coffee and bread
Grind the stone
Making calls
Thinking of her
Freezes the moment
Reality hits
Turn the wheel
Oil the gears
Filling up
Making quotas
Watching the clock
Time for lunch
Make a call
Checking in
Giving an order
Straight as an edge
Sharpe as a razor
Replies with
Yes Sir
All day long
On my mind
Sit through a meeting
Checking the lines
Sending replies
Sweeping delete
Filling the trash
5 o’clock comes
Rushing the door
Stop for milk
Pull in the drive
Step inside
Table a meal
Talk with the kids
Nurture their pains
What good parents do
Off to bed
Pearly whites
A prayer good night
Music on the play
Candles with a flickering sway
Scarlet red
Across the bed
Silky sheets
A crimson treat
Standing at the door
I speak
Toss the sheet
But the shoes
Stays on


I Will Never Love, Love

I can feel the silkiness of her flowing hair
Wisps that tickles brushing my face

I can smell the fragrance her flesh fills the air
A tonic when inhaled, consumed by a potions grace

These words that escape the thought in me
Recites in verse, a song for her to hear
The aching feeling where a love hides in fear
To stumble and fall like a new born deer

I can taste the want, that a love could fill
It’s the impossible touch, the mind lives to thrill

Where temptation pulls on the strings of the heart
The weight of sorrow, to heavy for any angels wings
With all their sonnets swooning for a love that sings
A song, the lyrics, where loneliness still rings

I can hear the same angels crying as I grieve
For I will never love, love

I can see, that this, is all, make-believe
Wonder, if it’s worth speaking of


From Tip To Top

Toe to head
Thoughts led
Along flesh
Eyes thresh
Side to side
Zig zag
Up and down

Its, burning up
Its, hot inside
Desire calling
Hop on a ride
Slippery slope
Wings on a hope
A strange intrigue
It shows fatigue

Want to touch
As much
Patience thins
Lust wins
Trailing skin
Lips sin
Fingers in
Head spin

Tongue tied, words fail
Breaths in, moans wail
Thrust, accepted
Hearts respected
Starting off slow
Build as they go
Orgasm hot
From tip to top


Love, from Your Special Day

You wake up in total silence
The air you breathe, soft and filling
Light fading in enveloping darkness
Casting shadows on walls painted white
A genuine smile, curls the lips sly
The sun warms it’s grace, gently on your face
Others passing by, nod, wink and say, hi!
You can eat a burrito for breakfast
Without a single belch, all day
The boss pats your back and says; good job son
A proud Dad walks away, pleased at what you’ve done
You end the day with the one you love
Doing what’s most special when two are one
Enjoying the moment, for today may be the last
Love, from Your Special Day