The Ephemeral Veil

Brother!  a word I’ve recently used.  More in the last 12 months than in my entire life.   Brother or Sister, sharing a special moment that can only be described as sublime.  Writing with Matthew and Nathalie was just that and is, a cherished memory for me.

Thank you Nathalie and Matthew, for the previous, the now and the next…

Please link below to visit Matthews blog to be amazed and thrilled.   

God her subconscious has called I hearken to her plight her denial means nothing my son of false light Lucifer a desire, a wish is all they crave to taste what is forbidden by your grace I offer a …

Source: The Ephemeral Veil

The Ephemeral Veil

Thank you Nathalie for joining Matthew and I.  For a moment, you’ve filled our hearts, with that moment, it will, last forever.

Please link below directly to Nathalie’s blog.   Venture on to more of her artistry and soak yourselves in her passionate flow.


God her subconscious has called I hearken to her plight her denial means nothing my son of false light Satan a desire, a wish is all they crave to taste what is forbidden by your grace I offer a pl…

Source: The Ephemeral Veil

Ashes to Ashes



i am worthy


the lord is my Shepard


i will be free, watch and see…

I kneel in Your light, I do not see
I yearn for Your love, I do not feel
I pray this once, this night to set me free
I ask for Your forgiveness, divine is what they say
I do not need an answer, for believing is the only way
I give my life, in the name of the Father
His to keep
ashes to ashes


dreams of a blue skyΒ 

though the sky lay grey over mountain tops and beyond
as far as one may see, these mystic eyes are filled sublime

the clouds may feign a dive with the rain
into the oceans hold, carved through time

the air inhaled chilled to a crisp
the pain so clean, it clears the mind

the wind travels over ancient rock
towering, reaching, for heavens dock

where to rest, surely come angels
majestic wings that fan the sky all around

lifting the storm away, the sun’s shine bleeds light
as clouds once grey, now turn to white

giant cotton puffs form against a sky blue canvass
that swells into space, the angels take flight

just like that the universe smiles
how fucking beautiful, this world truly is

whether skys are grey in view
or where dreams of a blue sky comes true


The Arms of Jesus Surrounds His Flock


Hide behind a darkness that consumes,
the light obscured,
held captive among the fumes.

Still there after all,
the fire that lives within controlled by demons,
while chained against a wall.

Shackled and collared unable to breathe,
with each inhale the fire burns inside,
a thousand degrees the lungs seethe.

Voices echo with a truth that only death can spell,
it recites the horrid rituals,
performed in hell.

With every ounce of flesh burned,
decaying beasts torment,
as horns and tails are earned.

Dare we fight the struggle of our divine, that it may set our hearts free.

Dare we spread our wings that we may soar above the mystic sea.

Dare we take the embraceable leap that will unchain a sweet melody.

Removing the cold hard steel,
that leaves us choking,
air fills, that it may begin to heal.

The embers inside continues to live,
still there after all,
for the pain endured will never forgive.

With our saviors breeze,
carries the hope of being set free,
satans flame to freeze.

It shows the way with light of heaven above,
it cools the pain,
in its own burning flame of love.

Embracing the soul to weak to walk,
even in a life of doubt,
the arms of Jesus surrounds his flock.


Mouse On The Moon

Below a sky that transforms from blue to black
Where the night twinkles with stars on track
Comes to gather and watch, tiny creatures
A glowing wheel, peppered with craters

Run, run, running to the edge of the earth
As it rises, a jump to grasp and capture it’s worth
Claws grab hold of ghostly air
Falls to the ground with a longing stare

Comrades laugh and tease their brethren fool
The moon is too high they say, such a stubborn mule
This cheese in the sky is for the gods
Not a frail mouse whose stacked against all odds

The little mouse twitched a nose and closed his eyes
His tail slowly curled, to dream in hushed lullabies
A tale of a magical ride that goes beyond reality
To where dreams are made of fantasy

With twigs, a lattice made, twined with angels hair
Step above another, reaching high with care
Clouds abound that holds in place
As he climbs above with a smile that lights his face

Mouse on the moon
A story to swoon
Filling a belly
Heaven in a cheese deli



Fear is the silence, of not knowing what’s coming
Around the bend, at a corner with a sign that says, DeadEnd
Long after the sun sets, all that haunts begets
From birth, where it grew fat around its girth
Fear smiles when it wants, to hide in daylights flaunts
Pretending to be, happy and carefree
Not to give away, it’s truest form with a sway
That pleases and teases
Fear also cries at times, it’s own self rhymes
In tears, for when it’s fails to unleash fear upon fears
But it has the strength to endure any cure
To completely prevent, that it ever existed
Fear has a cycle, a path that it follows
It’s a part of life just as death, in between is breath
The ins and outs, the zig zags on a merry-go-round
Dizzy, feeling queazy, come on momma, getting flirty
Fear likes to play games, making a list taking names
Of those it suckered in, getting hooked in loves sin
The, I Love You, all that jazz about being true
When taken for a fool, more than once makes one a tool
Fear, it’s greatest gift, not to pull the trigger swift
The second thought, in recalling what we all got
A life worth living, believing
Fear is nothing, unless made into something