Pied Piper

The dark of these woods
screams, prick as thorns,
a banshee howl warns

Conjures, a rhyme
stirring the pot,
boils boils, bubbles red hot

Disguised as a flower
luring a victim,
inhales her pollen

Dreamcatchers villain
cutting the strands,
waving, wand and hands

Eyes of desire,
the taste of sin,
kneeling, begs to begin

Swirling clouds darken,
lightning strikes,
her thunder erupts

Slashing flashes
zapping, doodle-do
flesh, a reddish-hue

Pain aflame, rising higher,
brews carnal knowledge
flooding, witches cottage

Collared and chained,
whining for a treat,
good little boy, licking feet

Follow the wand,
a pied piper longs,
sweet seductive songs

Lickity quick,
is her pet,
at making kitty wet