Rolling Stoned

I’ll be down by the river, rolling stoned. The wind blowing cottonwood puffs like snow. Wild flowers blooming in the meadow, fused with the scent of hashish in the air…
Getting high in life’s care

I’ll be down by the river, rolling stoned. All are welcomed as well as those who don’t. Talk if you want or quietly sit alone, a peaceful haven lost and feeling good…
Getting high in the woods

I’ll be down by the river, rolling stoned. Down by the river where the hurt goes away. As all my prayers are answered today. I’ve started to feel what I’ve never felt before…
Getting high with a roar

I’ll be down by the river, rolling stoned. Where harmful thoughts never come to mind. Where love is what you’ll find, wearing flowers in our hair…
Getting high on the Lord’s Prayer

I’ll be down by the river, rolling stoned. Buzzing to the music of the Rolling Stones. “Jumping jack flash, it’s a gas, gas, gas”…
Getting high on some pretty fine grass


Lets Get Freaky

Just like that
Drop of a hat
No matter what
You’ll be a slut
I’ll be your cuckold
Now, isn’t that bold
I would dress you up
I would fill your cup
I would paint each toe
Dry them with a blow
Slip on the pumps
Enter the bucks
David is lean
Smooth as cream
Black curly locks
A jaw solid as rocks
Chiseled with a dimple
Perky goes the nipple
You lick your lips
Goliath trips
Six feet four
Broad as a door
Thighs bulge strong
As does his groin
He lifts you up, here to please
He plants a kiss, weak in the knees
Safe in his arms
This giant man charms
Straddle his hips
Tongue past lips
David takes a grip
Of his massive dick
Goliath says, Bro
Time to show
They strip her clean
Except for the heels
They stay on
Just for fun
I look at you, you look at me
I nod, this is naughty
All for you
These two
Down on your back
Time to fuck
Lapping your puss’
Rimming your anus
Planets align
Cross eyed
Taking it deep
Cock makes you weep
Filled from both ends
Ecstasy transcends
Time flys by
This buzz gets high
David and Goliath ride
Dp! oh my…
Filth from your mouth
Words not enough
Imagine pure lust
Now start to combust
Wave after wave
Your climax gave
Gushing fluid
Mind, less lucid
I look at you, you look at me
Happy?, baby
Pleasure in your eyes
Brings rise
A bath to bathe
Soothing aid
Repays the gift
Harley and Ivy, visit him


Blackbird ~ The Return of Death

Pop the box, overlapping flaps
A spring with a wobble, about it flops
A skull, hollowed out, chiselled with features
Alike, without flesh, simply creatures

No matter, the colour of skin
Decay begins, in birth with sin
Stretched through years of living
A bonus, if found in arms loving

The return of death, if so given
A grant bestowed by, hell or heaven
Use it wisely, to leave a mark
Whisper truths not played in lark

The pain and ache, mankind endures
Through love and hate, sated and horrors
Slashed across, left for dead
Begin again, oath had said

Survived a torturous regime
A cog in a wheel, a machine
Free as a blackbird, without care
Watch the world turn, with a stare

To love and honour, till death parts
Raise a child, nurturing hearts
Take a stand for that which is good
Believe in the kindness of brotherhood

The return of death, chance of giving
To make amends, with the living
Caress the one, missing the most
Soothed in song, by a nightingales ghost

Angels and demons exist, they live in the head
Each controlling destiny, so the heart said
Truth of the matter is, it’s what others do
To impact a life, me and you



St. Michael’s name, hung above the door
A ward, where swaddled babies are born
The archangel, prince of gods strength
Failed to protect a child at swords length

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Find me, running through my mind
Lost in a world occupied by time
Caught in a trap, controlled by a madman
Who rocked the cradle, damned

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Ridiculed, made to be the fool
How it was at home, was at school
Left alone, except when anger flares
Sought out the weakest, I was always there

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Ninety-eight pounds in the sixteenth year
Urged enough courage to disappear
Nothing but a door left open in the cold
No goodbyes on a tear stained note

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Frostbite bit the very first night
Found me exposed, filled with fright
The ER was buzzing my ears were burning
Child services were mentioned, returning

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Hid during the day, roamed about in the dark
Scraps of food always found in the park
So too, were street gangs in camp
Plotting a crime beneath a burned out lamp

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Shelters were for the old
Filled with the stench of mold
Lonely souls looking for comfort
Even a boy was made to suffer

Runaway, run, run, runaway

Years pass by, alone, my way
Solitaire, the only game I play
Ashamed of who I am, you see
Waiting for death, to come to me

Runaway, run, run, runaway


Blue Inside

Stripped, to the flesh
Bare to confess
The black you see
Is blue, truly
Love turns blue inside
From a roller coaster ride
The slow climbing drive
Calm with a desperate need to be alive
Picture her face
A blur that fades in, to place
The memory, once lost in space
Time passes by, away it burns
As a comet, never to return
Breach the summit
The sky is brilliant
Roll off the edge
Down, speeding sled
Blasting air
Blowing hair
A feather floats off
Black from the tip of
The blue if you can see
Comes from inside me


high tonight and in a bkackbird mood. sorry if its sad and crap.

A Trail of a Tale

Blackbird spread your wings oh so wide
Feel the wind caress those fragile feathers mild
Come to here, from here to there
Take your soul on a quest through the air
Bleed from a heart so painful, sorrow soars
To climb so high, life on earth look up with roars
A blackbird, once crippled and poor
Weak with visions of grandeur

Reaching heights before light fades to black
The dark of space, the point of turning back
Lungs begin to freeze
The heart speeds with beats
Blackbird, singing to the call of death
Or dives towards the breast of Mother Earth
The glide along the line leaves behind
A trail of a tale, written of a lonely mind


Circle of Life

Out from the ocean deep
Up a rivers flow, does weep

A journey of life, a cycle comes to end
Pool to pool, navigating drives that dip and bend

A blast to surge, to climb water that falls
Some too weak, drop like balls

Danger lurks with every rise
A waiting bear with hungry eyes

Fills a belly with a mass of salmon
Fatty tissue covers as a blanket

Sleep will come to those who hibernate
Deep in a cave to incubate

Would it be ridiculous for a bear to give thanks
Or any animal that feeds on another in ranks

The distance is great when a purpose consummates
A male and female the formula of life duplicates

Roe upon roe nestled among pebbles
Clouds of semen swim to settle

Burst a bubble with a wiggling tail
A new life lives through a melancholy vale

Death is the price paid to give birth
Replenish to thrive a green earth