Happiness and Sadness

Strike a pose,
so all can see
A flowing gown,
that flares at the knee

Pleated pillar,
that touches ground
Sculpted lines,
as anyone found

Long wavy hair,
cascades in a feminine way
Curls that swerve,
snowy gothic sway

Smooth as silk,
a smile-less face
Ridiculed by many,
stare of disgrace

The thought of a unicorn,
to be true in mind
Outweighs the reality,
we are all one of a kind

We all have similar likes,
some with a twist to life
Living in a box behind bars,
some glide the edge of a knife

His drooping eyes and pouting lips,
keeps emotion held in check
He deeply feels the solitude,
likens it, you would think he was a wreck

The filling sounds all around,
invades his inner spirit
The buzzing noise excites,
the mute, that he may inherit

This earthly planet grows from dirt,
giving birth to life’s spinning cycle
Who gives a fuck about a dress,
or how we pray to a godly idol

A smile does exist,
as does a frown
Happiness and sadness,
picture a clown


Hi everyone. just dropped in to say hi. I went private for selfish reasons. Keeping it small. I will go private again in a short time. Wanted to invite anyone who wishes to join in, please do. If I’ve ever liked your poetry and art, please know i appreciate what you do and share. Huge gift given. And no pressure to link in either, cool? Will continue to visit you when time permits as I cherish the moments you take, to give time, to visit me. 🙏➰❤️

Peace and Love to All

Send In The Clowns II


“It’s a Barnum and Bailey world, just as phony as it can be but it wouldn’t be make-believe, if you, believed, in me”

Darkness frames the world around
A spotlight surfaces on a constant frown

Those who watch with childlike minds
Never see the sad, that is mine

Everything I try fails in a miserable way
Try and try, will I ever get it, just one day

They all chuckle as I stumble
When a goof is really a gaff
Make them see want they want to see
The misery of me
I clown about, in silence I shout
Louder than words without a doubt
Yet inside I cry and cry, I don’t want to be a clown
All I want is to turn this frown around
Sweep the light that shines
Drag it to the side in a line
Make it disappear
Absorbing all the tears

They look at me from a distance like a star
Scary they all say, just keep him far

He’s quite entertaining
But fuck!, he is frightening

All I do is walk along the path
Trip, fall and roll for a laugh

Send in the clowns the announcer says
To fill the gap, for the main act, that’s showbiz


Emmett Kelly and Carol Burnett the above “quoted lyrics” taken from this song sung by Miss Carol Burnett accounpanied by Mr Emmett Kelly

video/song Emmett Kelly ~ Where Are You Tonght

Rita, Click Here to Visit HerAn Unshielded Heart
thank you for reminding me of Mr Kelly. i forgot he is my favorite and only clown I love. i know to you he is scary but to me he is human. we make mistakes.
for all your support, kisses and hugs from me to you 🙏❤️

Jess, Click Here to Visit HerAmericana Injustica
thank you for seeing the human in me.
for all your support, headlock smash to the ground, from me to you 🙏❤️