No Twinkles To Sparkle The Eyes

I see so many colours, they just filled the sky that was once, just a lonely blue with wisps of softly painted clouds. It was magic, a beautiful world appeared. The yellow that filled my eyes, saw birds of so many shades, with wings that stretched wide as they glide.

Another hue of blue that lay in contrast, just as nature is to man, the battles to conquer to build and divide. Still, man did accomplished some wonderful and amazing things. Picture the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Pyramids of the Pharaohs. Through time connecting and embracing the world, and to think, it all started with two sticks rubbing to make fire. That dude, was a Fucking Genius!

The red sticks out the most its the symbol of many feelings and emotions. Life and death. Holy fuck, Right! Give me pussy over blood any time, unless it’s from bites and scratches. Doh! But the love has to be there, it must. For without it, it’s just meaningless fucking. No strings attached sex could still be great, but! To have the connection of both, to share what together they desire, committed. That’s the best red.

The lighter shades that float about. Ships on the oceans travelling port to port. Like Columbus, Cartier and Cook. Explorers who would dream beyond what the eyes see. Only a heart that is open to change would endeavour to sacrifice their life. Just like Marco Polo did on land.

Red, is my favourite colour but mine is so dark, it’s black. We don’t see that colour in the sky. Only when it rains down and keeps the bright at bay. Even hides the stars, so no twinkles, to sparkle the eyes.



Reds, yellows and blues
They create a pallet swirled into hues
Absorbing each other like water and fibres
Expanding a story as told by liars

Stroking lines, brushed to fade
Covering a canvass under shade
Promises, promises this time to keep
What was then, becomes now, tomorrow’s weep

There are no colours, truth be known
That would bright, a heart of stone
Mixing a fantasy that swirls like Oz
A wizard? As if there ever was

Love, we all know it’s coming
We dream of it hoping
For a rainbow of colours. Truth?
Love is, black and white smooth!

A kiss is a kiss, we know when it’s right
It’s triggers emotion in plain sight
Colour it, in any way possible
As long as it tingles, unstoppable

Words, are the bonds that connect
The mortar that lines true respect
Say what you will, just don’t colour it
Let it flow, nice and slow, to commit



Woman iv/v

I can see your colours that fill,
every inch that is naked from a soul,
that feels the essence of being a woman,
wanted by another in a need to hold.

I can see the colours swirling over flesh,
drawing a mystery over time expressed,
taking the challenge to impress,
reading the truths with honour and respect.

I can see more colours that comes from inside,
where the deepest secrets reside,
harbored safe from hurtful eyes,
saved for the grace of a pure hearts cry.


i thought i could get all 5 done tonight. its 3am and am tired. will do v/v tomorrow.
thanks for all the visits and likes tonight. peace and love πŸ™β€οΈ