It’s The One

Have often wondered
What it would be like
To have a woman in shared company
Where one is for the other
As the other is for the one
Setting aside the rough patches
Bumpy rides along the way
The downs that bring frowns
It’s in the strength to believe
When two are one in unity
All the trials are battled in harmony
Back to back, side to side, all around
A spiral that creates a dome
With walls of a loving home
Safe in the glow of warmth
These two passionate hearts
They beat as one
Their breaths out of sync
Where one exhales
The other inhales
A light to see, all of her curves
And her God given natural rolls
Sensitive breasts
Nipples erect
A joy to flick between tongue and lips
Her legs surround, wide and locked
Curling toes react to penetrating her core
Her sweet voice moans
With every thrust thrown
A blissful feeling
Love making
The moment of ejaculating
Like deaths glowing light
Flashes appear
Striking fear
To lose this
Would miss
The love of a woman
The key


Close Your Eyes

close your eyes
let breath fall and rise
listen to my voice
echo through
your trembling core

breathe the sounds
intake the scent
oil of amber
on my chest
intoxicating senses
let shoulders rest

your pretty head
to place upon
my pillows embrace
mercury rising
heat between
two hearts beating

a sweet surrender
a teasing ploy
bewitching toy

words stream your ear
goosebumps appear
along your neck
nips and bites
marks left wet
oh my, my pet

you tremble
high above
a safety net
for if you fall
in my care
I’ll scoop
like angels swoop
from heavens gate
the strength, my all

a warrior protects
sworn to “thee”
close your eyes
let breath fall and rise
listen to my voice
echo through
with passionate cries
to take your soul
in me
to make us whole



Source ~ digital art by Matthew Draw

If You Pay The Price

If you pay the price
You’ll see the stars from that place deep within
You’ll float around as they twinkle and shine
You’ll take in its mystery
You’ll embrace in it’s majesty
You’ll soar between galaxies

If you pay the price
She’ll look at you deep within her eyes
She’ll hold you through the night
She’ll listen when you speak
She’ll caress with lips against your cheek
She’ll stand by you in what you seek

If you pay the price
Her love will be unchallenged
Her heart will be the calm in his
Her care will be for her one and only bear
Her eyes only his to see who she really is
Her soul is his, for the price of devotion


Recapture Her Heart

She held herself with grace,
spinning loosely with a glow upon her face.
An ease of mind,
and a heart, a heart so kind.
Giving her love, the only way she knew how,
with all that she is, was, her vow.

No silver platter, no silver spoon,
she worked hard with a cheerful tune.
A pillar for him, standing by his side
through ups and downs, nothing to hide.
To protect the ones she cared for,
a wife, a mother, prepared to go to war.

To hold the love between him and her,
this angels fiery passion is like no other.
Time that passes, falls wayward,
from life’s daily grind, it wavered.
Never an answer, to questions asked,
always ending in tears, many times masked.

Far to long her misery grew,
blossoming at times as if he knew.
A token gift celebrating days
after being away missing her birthdays.
He has no clue, her silence is deafening,
tearing apart the fabric of their being.

He really has no clue,
she doesn’t want a gift to warm, she wants you.
Being in love isn’t that hard,
just drop the guard.
Easier said than done, right? wrong,
it’s all a matter of want, like the song…

“Whenever blue tear drops are falling
And my emotional stability is leaving me
There is something I can do
I can get on my knees and look up at you”

A simple act of love costs nothing at all to start,
just one moment to recapture her heart.
It’s there, waiting for his touch,
to be embraced in his clutch.
Three words that would make it right,
the I and You, bridged by loves light.


song quote, Sexual Healing ~ Marvin Gaye