The Day He Disappeared Into The Sea

Days of teenage love, simple and carefree
Times of holding hands and stealing kisses
Walking the streets of old Mexico City
Laying on a beach pretending it was Tahiti
Birhdays and other days with special dates
Recalling the one that ended with a heart being raped
A turning point, a mood that turned to solitude
Walking the streets of the neighbourhood
Sleeping all day in an empty bedroom
Greyed in the colour of doom
A cowards note left at the foot of the bed
“As you can see, I’m not here” it said
“You did all you can do for me,
I made it an impossibility,
please forgive my selfish tract,
its one, I do as a final act,
gone, into the sea, to set you free,
please, don’t come visit me”
It ended with, “goodbye my dove,
It was always yours, my love”
She dragged her heels and toes through the sand
The wind blew against her skin with a chilling hand
Dreaming of a yesterday
Thinking of what to say
Her misery odors the air
Her anger says I Dont Care
The truth is, she does
Her love, was always his
The day he disappeared into the sea
She visited him and whispered, I’ll never be free
what you did, you did to me


words ~ Ax
GIF ~ tumblr

A Mirrors Embrace ~ a duet

I will surround you in a gold plated frame
Carved from a maple tree that grew tall
A home bathed in silver, smooth as glass
What you see is the reflection of the past

Hostage to an image that betrays my hope
Captive in your gilded and merciless grip
I stare, desperately trying to look beyond the
Tear-stained eyes of the girl I used to be

200 years plus a day, I’ve hung on a wall
As banshees scream the blues, down by the bayou
Craved your soul, wanting it, needing it, whole
But mine you are, my precious star, performing for us all

Oh, the years you’ve kept me dancing
Waltzing with monsters from a painful past
Within your frame lives my darkest memories
Forever suggesting time is on your side. Not mine

Do not fear time, held in my embrace
Nor the past that evolved from the many faces
As seen through your eyes, as meant to be. Not mine
To free your self from this hold, is an impossibility

I close my eyes heavy with tears and turn away
Fury floods my veins as an angry hope rises anew
Images of a woman strong and victorious fill my mind
And with spirited fists I shatter your deception

Jagged edges that spread like starburst lines
Resembles a jigsaw puzzle of your so called life
Its hold meant to keep the mirrors image intact
Regardless of the cracks, you are still my star

Peering into the fractured image I find the key
A single shard of sympathy presents my blood, my essence
Taking hold I merge it with trembling flesh and shout
Fading quickly; at last a smile, I have set free your star


written by Rita and Antony ~ a duet


another play day, this time with a bestie, who is everyone’s bestie. I’m glad and honoured to call her mine too.

Rita of Β Oeuver And Out

I know you know her, so head over to her blog and say hello.

I’ve had the privileged of collaborating with many amazing artists. each one special in their own right. But this one with Rita just shot to the top. all due to one stanza in particular, the last one, penned by Rita. We hope you enjoy.

Rita, thank you for sharing your time and talent with me. But most of all, giving me a RMH!!!
While we wrote this piece, I asked you to close with a left hook and a right cross.

Darlin. You knocked me out. Β Am so proud of you. Β Please thank Mr. D from me.


cherry blossoms
rain drops gently touching the face
it melds with the tears washing them away
the pain that has sat sated now breathes again
coming forward at a moment’s glance
it drives up from within seeking air to fill
reminding of how precious it all is
pain is not the end
in ways it’s a beginning
at looking around
to see
to feel
to find
a freedom inside
like springs cherry blossoms
blooming like pink cotton candy
the time will come for them all to fall
like gentle rain
from it’s budding birth
when its flowing bloom
falls from grace
its perfect
just the way it is

my own photo used


There is this thing that sits,
afraid to pass my lips

It’s visible from my eyes,
but only from deep inside my mind

Words that breathe,
words that live

Sometimes its for me,
sometimes its for you

Words that wear clothes,
words that strip naked

Embrace the fear expressed by lines,
carved by features seen upon my face


Hopelessly in love,
but tragically alone

There is this thing,
it sits floating

It’s actually a feeling,
just a feeling

Like the first time,
sight beholds

It can open doors, those words,
that sits waiting to be spoken

Only with courage,
are words heard, past the lips