Love Is In Darkness

How it penetrates, this thing called love
You can feel it, day and night
It can unravel and wind up tight
The sound is a twist, a feather from a dove

Love creates stories told to the heart
By a brain that burns crispy black or sizzles red hot
Counting the blessings, haves and have not
Falling to its merciless work of art

The call is strong, it pulls with such a might
It wraps itself around, almost suffocating
In a bliss, that if it falls would be excruciating
Only then, would true love, come to sight

Tears of joy or a downpour of pain
Love can mend the most hardened soul
Or rip apart, a heart of an angels glow
This thing we crave like a summers rain

Cools the flesh, the heat still yearns
Drives desire
To open fire
Loves fever, rises and burns

Love is in darkness but doesn’t hide
It’s there, if we care enough to seek it
Shine a light to uncover it, what if
This was the one, loves, magical, ride


Darkness Rules

Darkness Rules
Born alone among a nothing
Grey is the air to breathe
It will suffocate with a taste of bitterness
Days will be long and the nights will drag in pain
A sorrow so great only physical pain would give relief
The mind trap will suck every ounce of life there is
The hurt inflicted when a child stands
Knocked to the ground digging its own grave
Time after time as the years move with flowing tears
It will carry on until the final day when death wins
Darkness Rules, they are for everyone
They tell the fucking truth
No in-betweens, no god damn choices
It’s Dark, it’s fucking Dark and it’s scary
A painted on smile to keep the do gooders away
Cheer up sayers, ha, those who love to preach
Say what you will, you’ve been blessed with goodwill
You were loved from an early age and taught to do the same
Spared the tragedy of living life in poverty
You live by your own set of rules, those that Light Rules
Privileged you are to have the ability to sincerely smile
For those who live in the dark it’s a different story
Born in the dark to die in the dark
Living life where Darkness Rules