Lost XXV

It was morning when I woke
I spoke but nothing said
It seemed as though life had ceased
East was not where the sun had risen
No birds singing
All were missing
The air so still I can see it clear
My feet carry me from here to there
Soundless pounding on wooden floor
Stomp as I might towards the door
I find myself on gardens path
Drops of rain begin to fall
Not one touches me at all
My eyes amazed I gaze
The rain falls from a cloudless sky
The silence piercing buzzing in my head
Hold a conch shell to my ear
That’s exactly what I hear
It’s like the sea is calling me
Taunting sounds I do not fear
Before my eyes blink
I sink
I do, into murky waters neck deep
As waves roll high
Salty seawater my tongue does taste
The undertow begins to pull as I float away
Beneath the surface black as night
A vision appears from the deep
With hair so red it shines bright
Flesh of pearl with emerald scales
Fish tail propels into sight
Behold, a little mermaid played
“Take my hand”…voiceless from her lips
Of your own accord you must do
Compelled I reach to hold
As I do she breathes into me
Air as cold as ice my lungs fill
Fathoms deep we drop, blackness from the top
Yet colors strike my eyes
A rainbow of coral hues
Layer upon layer a Disney dream come true
A castle without gates
Inviting cheers from those who wait
Faces from the past with smiles and waves they cast
I know them all yet never met
Home at last
Back to the sea
Where we evolved to be