Blackbird ~ The Return of Death

Pop the box, overlapping flaps
A spring with a wobble, about it flops
A skull, hollowed out, chiselled with features
Alike, without flesh, simply creatures

No matter, the colour of skin
Decay begins, in birth with sin
Stretched through years of living
A bonus, if found in arms loving

The return of death, if so given
A grant bestowed by, hell or heaven
Use it wisely, to leave a mark
Whisper truths not played in lark

The pain and ache, mankind endures
Through love and hate, sated and horrors
Slashed across, left for dead
Begin again, oath had said

Survived a torturous regime
A cog in a wheel, a machine
Free as a blackbird, without care
Watch the world turn, with a stare

To love and honour, till death parts
Raise a child, nurturing hearts
Take a stand for that which is good
Believe in the kindness of brotherhood

The return of death, chance of giving
To make amends, with the living
Caress the one, missing the most
Soothed in song, by a nightingales ghost

Angels and demons exist, they live in the head
Each controlling destiny, so the heart said
Truth of the matter is, it’s what others do
To impact a life, me and you


Circle of Life

Out from the ocean deep
Up a rivers flow, does weep

A journey of life, a cycle comes to end
Pool to pool, navigating drives that dip and bend

A blast to surge, to climb water that falls
Some too weak, drop like balls

Danger lurks with every rise
A waiting bear with hungry eyes

Fills a belly with a mass of salmon
Fatty tissue covers as a blanket

Sleep will come to those who hibernate
Deep in a cave to incubate

Would it be ridiculous for a bear to give thanks
Or any animal that feeds on another in ranks

The distance is great when a purpose consummates
A male and female the formula of life duplicates

Roe upon roe nestled among pebbles
Clouds of semen swim to settle

Burst a bubble with a wiggling tail
A new life lives through a melancholy vale

Death is the price paid to give birth
Replenish to thrive a green earth


The Body Dies, The Soul Flies

Innocent smiles with thoughts in the air
Just as a child does, without any care
Clutched to the breast of a mother
Protected by the will of a father
As it’s meant to be
A child, loved and free

Runny noses, malnutritions mucus
Streaking down a chin, crusted doofus
Silence is the friend who lives in the head
Talking to themselves from under the bed
Not meant to be
Cruel and mean

Welts and bruises, never heal
Constant beatings made to conceal
A mother hardly there
A father who didn’t care
To weak to be
No one sees

Movies on tv, late night fantasy
Parental Control, is a mystery
Hatred and vile, black and white
Murder and suicide, happens at night
To be or not to be
The idea strikes thee

To play a scene with a silent friend
Kitchen knives used to pretend
Like Beatrix Kiddo and O-Ren Ishii
Swift with a thrust, cold and chilly
How could it be
It was, make believe

A pool, warm as a Christmas bath
Red like the lights on a church path
Leads to the edge where land meets sky
The body dies, the soul flies
It was meant to be
A child, now free


dedicated to all the children who got out. one way or another 🙏➰❤️

Above La Luna’s Glow

Above la Luna’s glow
Cast beyond the stars
A darkness that consumes
All, of a lonesome heart
Wingless blackbird
Stranded on earth
Rooted to ground
Misery found

Above la Luna’s glow
A beacon pulls hard
Connecting soul and mind
Sucking, the energy dry
Eyes black as coal
Shines with a glow
Bright as the moon
An onyx one

Above la Luna’s glow
Waits, a far away home
The ferryman travels
Collecting passengers
Scarred with the mark
For a spaceship ride
Galaxy’s past
Light years away

Above la Luna’s glow
Fades in, a new dawn
Witness, to a rising sun
Stranded on planet earth
Counting the minutes
Ticking and tocks
Passing of time
Lost, lost, still lost

Above la Luna’s glow
Returns the yearning pull
That glides the razors edge
The mark left by a scar
The ferryman nods
Opens the door
Taking a soul
To a world unknown

Above la Luna’s glow
One will never know
What lies beyond the known
In death, dreams may come true
To close the eyes
Very last time
A silence grows
Final breath blows


Oh Death

Oh death, how distant you are from birth
The thought of you does not exist
With the first inhale a life begins anew
Journey into the unknown, of a world
Spinning circles as time begins to count
Numbers adding up from one to ninety-nine
Each a candle burns, year after year
Some reach a century’s worth or more

Oh death, how distant you are from youth
Taking chances through many roads
Leading a way, come what may
Buzzing on a high, bungee jumping dive
Basement parties, acting cool for the honeys
Chasing down thrills and dreams
Wondering what tomorrow will bring
As age begins to call, settle down before the fall

Oh death, how close you are in time
Plans to make it right, some came out wrong
Passion found, passion lost
Promises made, to those who left, in blame
Making it right, at times carried by the winds
Chances had, too many, now forgotten sins
Days fly by, so many yesterday’s missed
Wondering where time flys

Oh death, how close you are to me now
I can taste the driest drink
It would be more refreshing than your gift
That ends with a final breath
The heart thumps the last beat
A silent echo waits to repeat
Oh death!
Oh death!



The pain surged, as gale-force winds blew
The stinging spray from the sea whips
Like the tip, of snapping leather rips

Every slap across the face, echoes
The sound of another child burned
At the hand that rocks the cradle, scorned

Drenched by flowing tears
A storm that never disappears
Until a hurricane wipes clear

A hate that rises from the depths of despair
Deep as the lowest point in the sea
Turning cold, a heart that does not see

The boy, becomes a man
Toe to toe, eye to eye
Face, to face the end of a reign

Words are worthless, no need to explain
A simple stare from the dark side of hell
As the blade pierces the flesh in pain

Eyes once black, strikes to fire
As flames grow higher
Penetrating steel burns brighter

No twitch nor a sinister grin
Taking a life is a sin
There is no joy, no triumphant win

All that’s left is an end to the misery of a past
Except for the blade, still held in hand
It’s ghost gleams off the razor sharp edge

Pray for death, to clear the mind
Wish for it, in hopes to find
An afterlife, filled with love, in kind


Gave It, The Colour Red

No one knew what it was, it had no name
This son of death that arrived luggage-less
The fifties rolled out of sight, rockin into the sixties
Children of love born with flowers in their hair
Freedom to dance and get high and make love without a care
The groove took the streets into a decade of fornication
Without worry or protection
Rock rolled in with a bang and a buzz
White powdery shit snorted the brain on fire
Disco balls and concert halls were all the fuss
The smooth Blues with Funks, funky runs
Sparkly dresses and platform shoes that glittered
The sex in the seventies as promiscuous as the sixties
Done with champaign and caviar spread over titties
The air began to turn stale
Dark clouds appeared, it dampened the party
Flu like symptoms that escalated
No one knew what it was, it had no name
This son of death that arrived luggage-less
It started with a few and it grew and grew
Taking tolls for the ferrymans tune
The membership flourished
A community in hardship
Doctors and scientists baffled
Governments putting a plan in place that has failed
Against Deaths desire of those who play with fire
I hated the eighties so am skipping it by
Just more of the same, death and taxes
Movie stars and Rock stars wearing a silk ribbon
Flipped over in a loop and gave it the colour red
That’s what aids got in the nineties
Isn’t that what first place gets?
A Red Ribbon!
The century turns
It turns and turns
In a spin of terror
That makes front page news
Man killing man
While disease continues to live