Off Into Space

Truth is a peaceful feeling that brings joy and hurt to our souls

A lie is a temporary escape from the inevitable, truth

Imagine saying what your heart really feels

Free to express ones truth

No matter the cost

No matter the loss…

~ ~ ~

Off Into Space

Tired eyes come from passing time

Broken hands scarred toiling the grind

Years piled high, sinking the mind low

Few reap rewards, the masses lay in tow

The world is dying in part by mans hands

Truth, everything dies, it’s in β€œgods plans”

No matter the faith, one thing in common

Dust to dust travels the interplanetary starman

Off into space, the end floats to nothing

It’s the story of our lives telling something

Now, while we live on this, OUR planet

To die with respect you must live decent


Shades of Ebony and Ivory

I am white
I am black
I am brown, yellow and red
Why use race to dictate the head

I am straight
I am gay
I am man, woman and child
Why not feel as the heart desires

I am shy
I am meek
I am scared, fearful and sad
Why would inflicting more suffering be had

You are me
I am you
We are one, then two turns three
Beings of two genders split from the same tree

We are fathers
We are mothers
We are creators in birth and death
Imagine a life, any, abused or killed in jest

We are decent
We are mean
We are followers of good and evil
Choices are made by how much we love God or the Devil

We are flesh
We are bone
We are shades of ebony and Ivory
Can’t we all live happy and in harmony?


The Long Winding Road

The road ahead begins when young
Freshly groomed, for room, to spread
A path of least resistance is the sure way

The long winding road, meanders along
Rivers and lakes, up and down hills
Just like Jack and Jill did
To fetch that pail of water
A simple task most would say
I wonder…
What really happened that day?

One story goes…

Jack had a twitch, an itch and Jill felt it too
Filling that pail, water, trickling clear
Out in the meadow, top of hill, just the two
That feeling that happens when hormones steer
The sex from inside appears, it tears
In a sexual sweat, getting wet

A boy and a girl barely eighteen
Falling in love, when it’s called, young
Explosive emotions erupt with commotion
Sending into a frenzy
Little buggers
All frisky and horny

A peck on the cheek, smudges
To a full on, deep, French kiss
Tongues reciting the pictures and videos
Performed by porno actors
Showing the way
To fuck! Say what?

Damn straight
What did you think
Parents show their kids how to fuck
I think not
They may talk about it in a spiritual way
But never describing the joys of sucking off

Here’s a message to all the kids
When you are fetching that pail of water
It’s ok to spill a little, it will happen
The long winding road is yours to build
And if you do stumble and tumble after each other
Do it wish class, meander along, nice and slow


a time that was

a time that was, when time was whole
when the sun rose gently over the wooded valley below
a time when those with wings would dip and dive
singing songs propelling them to soar and rise
in a time that was, when time was whole

a time that was, when time was whole
when the rain would drop to quench the earth
a time when those who scurry in and out of burrows
hoarding what they can collected from the meadows
in a time that was, when time was whole

a time that was, when time was whole
when the moon would glow to call upon the ones
a time for those to share a tune
come together in song to swoon
in a time that was, when time was whole

a time that was, when time was whole
when spirits appear in the sky above
a time when the unknown is accepted with affection
by all those who believe without cause or question
in a time that was, when time was whole

a time that was, when time was whole
when the gift of life in nature is a lesson
a time when beliefs of man would be understood
in decency and respect in the name of brotherhood
in a time that was, when time was whole

a little past 3am.  I should really stop blazing after midnight lol 

Good night from here to there….xoxox