Unholy ChaliceΒ 

There was no word to describe the first breath taken
For it was pure, without sin, the air filling in
The taste of paradise was all they knew
No right or wrong, just living free
Temptation lured a heart of want
How could it be, to be tempted like that
To want more than what paradise has given
A single bite that tears the fabric of life
The swallow of knowledge to inherit the earth
And all that it has to create a path of destruction

Disobedience, the first of many
Skulls started stacking up, murder with malice
A new church sprung from the darkest depths
It had no name, until fire lit it up and everyone yelled, Hell!
The flames burned away the character lines on faces
Those that made unique in creed, colour and races
Here, where bone becomes stone faceless
The sky never seen, stars and moon forgotten
Cradled and huddled, spun in circles
A pedestal holds the Unholy Chalice

A monument of time, a collectors collection
Designing a temple that would hold the spirit
Of the damned and lost who gave up on life
Filling the cup, with blood, drawn by a knife
Slashing, piercing, controlling the pain
Fuelled by the dark from inside the mind
Depression is found hiding
Past, present and future, hurting
There is no heaven, no hell
The end comes with the final bell

Poem by Ax

Images by Aderhine DeviantArt

Tu CorazΓ³n

If I were but set in ways, that would have all life stand to watch. A blade would run from base to tip and in, it would, penetrate. The heart to feel the steel, cold and mean as a demons fiery stare. Yet demons exist only in dreams, made up of minds that have been betrayed. Shallow is breath, where love, was a word used to fill a gaping hole. Dug so deep, it echoes up, then down, meaningless.

Lost within the earths spin
Lived a life of sin
Took many, to the chin

So many fuck you’s
From being abused
Breath expelled used

The stench violates

Leaving a bitterness
That kills in a sweetness
Left to ponder in meekness

Hate fills the heart
It tears it apart
Yet, it makes it spark

It flares
It cares
It swears

Every day to end the misery
Of living a life in agony
Reliving the horrid memory

Here, to stand alone
A forgotten headstone
Tu corazΓ³n


Grey ~ v/v

Screaming from the top of my lungs
Please stop, please stop, please stop
Please stop!
Won’t you stop tearing every fiber of my being
Can’t you see
Can’t you see
What you’re doing to me
The end
I want it now
I need it now
Fucking Now!
You play these games
You fuck up my head
You don’t live under my bed
You’re all around
You’re the creek in the stairs
You’re the squeak in the doors
You’re the shattered glass that cuts my heart
You drink my blood
It warms your tongue
It fills your belly
You devour every bit of life I breathe
Why won’t you let me die
Why do you constantly save me
Why am I being punished
When you just keep taking
To hell and back
This is it
This is hell



Souls Kept In A Cage ii/v

Don’t be fooled by the lace and frills of the dress
Those adorable doe like eyes that melt hearts
The murmur of an angelic voice, purity defined
A soul of a child sweet as a candy treat

Deep inside a secret lives to hide
Until it’s time to come out at night
Walk the halls, on floors that creek
They echo room to room, ears peak

Wings twitch, wanting to spread and fly
Seeing the bars that trap inside
Knowing that fate is about to rise
Souls kept in a cage, waiting, to die