Angel of Light

Listen to the voices in the wind, slurred in drunken song, for years carried along despite
The sounds of a baby crying at night, mimicked by alley cats with claws extracted to fight
Dogs that howl and bark at the drop of a hat, as covers are pulled, up over the head, tight
Trembling with fear, hiding from the dark, it moves at the speed of light.
With eyes closed shut, hearing I, am afraid to see, the monster that surrounds every thought in me
Chilling air, through woolly socks the toes get a bite
Curled up round into a ball and squeeze the wish to disappear with might
That the monster, without a glance in here, passes by tonight
Sleep only comes when Momma says so, sweet dreams my dear, goodnight 
Papa’s gone to sleep, nothing to fear, Angel of Light


~ ~ ~

for all the children who have suffered by being unloved by their parents
and to all the parents who love, so much, children never suffer
you are, Angels of Light


Silent Embrace

The dawn that lights the sky above the peaks

Where silence lives to hear God speak

Deaf, but for the bone chilling winds that spin and rise

Dropping down on clouds breaking them apart with lies

Creating different shapes that we see in life

Carved out by a razor sharp knife

A peaceful harmony to feel safe

Above the clouds where that silence turns chafe

I travel there nearly every day

To blowing winds that stroke my face in a bitter way

Without thought to evoke words of wisdom

But to scream in a silent embrace for freedom

That never comes

Left numb

To live

To die


Freedom Β  Β i/ii

The exhilarating feeling of freedom
Stripped to flesh and bone
The spirit baptized in self worth
Freedom to stand
Freedom to run
Freedom to laugh
Freedom to love
Freedom to pray
Freedom to sit
Freedom to stop
Freedom to cry
Freedom to hate
Freedom to defy
The air breathed never felt so pure
Stripping away every ounce of fear
How the spirit lives, as it was meant to be


photo credit, Shawshank Redemption