Free, Under The Sea

I float above the waves that roll, the wind carries me and I lose control.

Flying high, above the sea, playful creatures below somersault and taunt me.

I dip my head and dive, arms stretched out in front, to pierce the icy surface and thrive.

Air pockets surround, am swarmed by grays’, my lungs begin to burn I fear I’ve drowned.

Am carried up towards the top, breaking through I take my fill to chuff a mighty blow and stop.

My newly formed tail pushes through, water torn I find myself streaming along.

I rise into the air again, a porpoise am reborn.

The ocean vast and clear, frolicking with whistles and clicks, now words to my ear.

With every rise I fly, taking in air to breathe, sleek and shinny my skin gleams, I scream, bonsai!

With my fill of air, I sink below to a world unknown, where I now live free, under the sea.


Lost in Paradise, Lost in You

Sweltering heat wave, mercury rising, humid lust permeating
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

All things craved with just a touch, wet fingers glide as such
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Beaded sweat drips, glistening flow, eyes that trail, the curves to a pooling swale
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Flesh on flesh, combusting flare, lightning strikes tingling hair
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Pounding hard, thunder struck, naughty thoughts run-a-muck
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Back door swinging lubed and piping, hot on the tip, wanting
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Gasping for air, still words that fail, moans expelled on exhale
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Back to front and back again, stroked, poked and stoked, over and over the sheets soaked
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Hallelujah, words erupt, fierce and true, flesh charred a hot red hue
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Labored breaths now lay in blissful rest, vapor trail rising off chest
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

All the bruised pieces, kisses keeping it together, soft as a feather
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Succumb to sleep, his soothing voice invades, rewind for another go he persuades
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

Kisses on lips to wake, the sun dips low, the moon shows its glow
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

The night air filling the room, cooling off the sheet but not the heat
Lost in paradise
Lost in you

He smiles, She smiles, round two? She nods on cue
Lost in paradise
Lost in you


Raptures Bliss

desires known
yet unfulfilled
touch to spark
a tingle up the spine
it draws the eyelids down

reflecting through the mind
in a tempting tremble
like sunshine does
on oceans waves that sparkle

with breaths of velvet mist
into dreams enchanted
to the brink of raptures bliss


HALLELUJAH ~ acrostic

Home, is where my heart lays deep

Alone, beneath in wake or sleep

Left to dwell, to pound to beat

Lost in sorrow, darkness will keep

Everlasting hopes and dreams that seep

Love, to conquer do we weep

Unbridled joy, hearts will reap

Joined in spirits, joy of life as sweet

Announce my stand, to live a heap

Hallelujah, hailed by mountainside steep


Mouse On The Moon

Below a sky that transforms from blue to black
Where the night twinkles with stars on track
Comes to gather and watch, tiny creatures
A glowing wheel, peppered with craters

Run, run, running to the edge of the earth
As it rises, a jump to grasp and capture it’s worth
Claws grab hold of ghostly air
Falls to the ground with a longing stare

Comrades laugh and tease their brethren fool
The moon is too high they say, such a stubborn mule
This cheese in the sky is for the gods
Not a frail mouse whose stacked against all odds

The little mouse twitched a nose and closed his eyes
His tail slowly curled, to dream in hushed lullabies
A tale of a magical ride that goes beyond reality
To where dreams are made of fantasy

With twigs, a lattice made, twined with angels hair
Step above another, reaching high with care
Clouds abound that holds in place
As he climbs above with a smile that lights his face

Mouse on the moon
A story to swoon
Filling a belly
Heaven in a cheese deli


A Violet Sky ~ a collaboration

If I could sing songs of magic
Reciting words not so tragic,
My life would surely faint,
A violet sky to paint.
Staring at heaven with eyes shut,
Travel the stars like a space nut.
A flame proof suit, for what it’s worth,
Worn with the flag of my home: Earth.

But I can’t even hold a tune
And lament always tends to loom,
Over my dreary life
With an old rusty knife,
Cutting my interstellar dreams,
Ripping them open ’til I scream.
Open my eyes to see the red,
Wishing voices out of my head.

If I could dream, this man would fly;
Spread arms like wings and soar on high,
Forego the pain that frays,
Bright as a comet splays.
Exhale the life lived in the past,
Breathe the unknown future, at last.
In my own hands destiny waits;
Deafening silence that sedates.

And reminds me without a sound
That I’m painfully here earthbound.
Clouds unfurl and encroach,
A violet sky, as if to broach.
And start to pour mercilessly,
Upon my head, melancholy.
Thus dare not dream deep down inside,
Instead I wait the ebbing tide.

If I could find a reason why
This life should live rather than die,
May a light shine bright
From this darkest of nights.
Taken by one last stolen chance,
As the blade glides, swollen eyes glance,
To see the stars begin to fade,
With final breath my choice is made.

And thus the darkness closes in
Accusing every star of sin,
Obliterating hope
Of starry dreams to cope.
Resounding silence now transports,
To an oblivion of sorts,
My soul beyond the stars on high
To rest amidst a violet sky.

Written by
Oscar Alejandro Plascencia and Ax

This message has taken me about a whole day to write. What can I say about Oscar Alejandro other than to say he is an amazing person. Not only talented but giving. He gave me a piece of his time. A stranger from another part of the world, never face to face. Thats a cool heart!
His talent is breath taking, an amazing artist.

Oscar’s blog is here, In So Many Words Please Visit and Say Hello

Oscar, thank you for this gift. Writing with you is a lesson not only in the art of poetry but also in the art of friendship and humanity.

your fan
your friend

free our hearts

look around at the world
look around, everywhere
the sun above
warmth of light
that leads to night

caravan of clouds that float
free of care they gloat

trees that stand
limbs stretched out
embracing those who take flight
the wind gently sweeps
as leaves pantomime a fall

the earth that loves
releasing doves

from dust to dust
the soaring spirit rising higher must
breathe the faith born in us
forego any malice to do our part
in life we must free our hearts