A Whimsical Dream

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Details sketched in a world driven by nightmares
In the presence of a full moon the size of a monsters stare

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Your skeleton frame floats with a magical hold
Tips that touch, as your warmth begins to appear bold

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Prepare to be amazed at what the mind can do
With a picture, framed inside my head, longing for you

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
With reds and yellows and a sky that’s painted blue
By the shore where Lilly pads float above koi swimming in view

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Falling leaves mimic the flutter of butterfly wings
As the bayou comes to life, birds in the trees begin to sing

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Muscles that twitch, the flesh bronzed and alive
A beating heart that pounds, a growing passion to thrive

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Lips that kiss, soft and sweet, cherry bomb treat
Fireworks explode, illuminating the eyes with smiles in heat

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Cupids arrow struck my heart and it stung
Exploring your curves with hands, mouth and tongue

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
Stars are aligned as galaxies spread far and wide
My mind erupts with a flash of light, reality collides

A thought, an idea, a whimsical dream
As a thunderous crack follows, rain makes way
Erasing the colours of a dream back to a melancholy gray



A Dream in Fantasy Lies

in the still of the night
waves of the imaginary ignite

fall coloured leaves
painted on trees

reflecting from below
on a midnights stroll

her rosy cheeks tingle
lamp lights giggle on waters ripple

fingers laced, hand in hand
the warmth of love is grand

panning in to see her face
closer and closer it fades

the air turns stale
the palette turns pale

filthy grey walls replace the place
where colour is a state of grace

when perfect lives in the eyes
of a dream, in fantasy lies


Under The Wolfs Tune

his eyes close to pierce
a deep within hers
reflecting thoughts
through foggy nights
her heart does understand
his inner voice
that echoes clear
her submissive pose
awaits sincere
for his commanding move
with every breath he exhales
his dominance she inhales
her patience soon rewarded
by his weight fully mounted
enthralled in climax
sung with a howl
to the moons glowing beam
as it fades in from a dream
where desire inside streams
exalting in a lovers theme
to swoon
under the wolfs tune


That’s Me

We were all told to wear white
You know, so we can look the same
Take a photo that would resemble a blanket of snow
As the wind blows, drifting over heads
Oblivious that there is another color, like red
The red that reminds of passion in fruit and love
The blue that holds true so many feelings
Orange and yellow a pair made in heaven
It shades the sun to kiss the flesh
Greens some think of envy but the world lives in its nature
Silver and Gold…the root of evil
Or made into bands that unite people
Is not a color
It’s the ultimate feeling
It paints the sky at night to see the stars
It covers to hold those who sleep
Some in blissful dreams
Others in terrible nightmares
It’s slimming
Its cool
Think of the little dress, you know what I mean
Black is worn on faces
Like white or any other color
It defines
It characterizes
It separates to be rejoiced in its uniqueness
It takes life, even in the living
When darkness invades
Black reigns supreme
That’s me!
Stuck in a colorless dream


Good Morning Embrace


Good Morning Embrace 

deep peaceful sleep where dreams do not exist
time of rest in blank open spaces leaving totally blissed 
wake to a touch from the dream that created it
that, Good Morning Embrace, to rise the spirit