Carousel Dreams

On a ride that gleams in a child’s eye
Round and around, everyone the leader
The music gets louder, galloping faster
Spinning, spinning, bursting with laughter
Carousel dreams, in a saddle sitting high

Painted ponies gallantly trotting
Wolves on a chase through the enchanted forest
Deer in a meadow seems to leap the furthest
Snuggling with a rabbit, hopping madness
Carousel dreams, a hearts gentle throbbing

How simple and dear when the young allowed to dream
Like a coin tossed into a fountain, pays for a wish beholden
If it comes true by miracles grace, fate brings out emotion
A tragedy when left hanging, the end of the ride heart broken
Carousel dreams, that ends perhaps licking up ice cream


What Good Are Dreams

What good are dreams
if they keep disappearing
every time eyes wake up.

Only lived when asleep,
black and white is all we see
colour is the fantasy.

Ghosts and goblins, ghouls chasing fools
run, run faster
but nothing ever moves.

Ships lost at sea
a love that passes by
the two, never to meet.

Faces from the past
replaced with the present
to touch neither, would happen.

What good are dreams
when the key to unlock
is to sleep.


Find Me Staring At The Sky


Find me staring at the sky, just as blackness rolls in
One by one, stars appear, creating a magical vision
An angel, dressed in white, blowing kisses, stars twinkle
Bright they are, filling the dark, peaceful and simple
The mystery that compels my mind to look every night
So that my heart, could feel the whispers of a loves right
Galaxies away, far beyond touch, there is a place for me
Reach and reach, fail to reach, to solve that mystery
Does it exist? That place only the mind and heart can see
Would the grace of touch, smell and taste ever know such delicacy
Find me staring at the sky, waiting for those kisses to appear
One by one, stars disappear, into mornings light with a tear
Like a blackbird sitting on a live wire
Surging the wings, to want to fly higher
Claws curl tight with fright
Waiting to let go when comes the night


Pass The Dutchie ~ iii

Voices echo through the vacant spaces of my heart
Leaving swirls of misty thoughts, it starts
It was spring at my feet that sprung
Carried north above my eyes where it hung
Willow trees weeping in wide open spaces
Pines and birch sprouting buds in all the right places
Pinecones dripping sap trapping bugs for a feast
Where birds feed on springs harvest treat
A doleful voice poured into my cup
It was angelic but too distant for me to taste
A swoon of a voice as it calls
To my gaze, my eyes did lay
Upon a creature trapped in the forest where it came
The distant pain now fully in my wake
Found a wounded doe lost in its sorrow
Sobbing cries the pain endured, deep in to the marrow
I see but cannot touch flesh, for in dreams they are forbidden
But to sing in a song of whispers written
Pray that comforting words may enlighten
A soul in need cries out when in despair
Too late for some that could not bear
The wait for anyone to care


Welcome To Your Nightmare

Lullaby dreams do not exist
All the songs that will be sung
Are of darkness and misery
Welcome to your nightmare

The sun will shine, brighten up
This sweetly decorated room
With floating teddy bears and a bunny
Waiting to be hugged

It smells of lavender and talcum
Springs fresh new scent of life
Yet within these walls you, captured
Welcome to your nightmare

Rest you will when the light is bright
Strength recovered from the previous fight
By the glow of the moon or dead of night
Another round of fucking with your minds might

Counting the days that pass by
Memories being etched in time
Forever burned and carved into skin and bone
Welcome to your nightmare


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The Wind ~ a collaboration

Sitting, prim and proper,
dreams that come alive in her head,
mixed by stories read from faerie-tale fables.
Through deep dark forests, the wind, sailing the seven seas.

Right there, at the blurred edge of reality,
distant whispers peak on crisp air,
the anchor of fluent quartz time
counts the grains of thrilling fantasy.

To conquer all within a stroke of breath
under the chiming bells of the citadel, lost
as the heart opens its wings, feathers splay
to open the unknown, locked from fear.

Forward lean, as the breeze lifts,
and hovers, caresses and under lashes peeks.
The present black and white contract,
setting the whole world acolored.

Eyes closed she snuffs all noises,
inhaling the visions that invade,
worth a purse of gold, angels made.
To be set free, in a world of make-believe.

A pounding heart, it beats at peace, a joy
winged and sealed with brooks’ laughter.
A mount’s peak, glistening with magic snow,
softly curved dunes of heat unspoken.

Faithfully await, the wind to blow,
carried on a carpetride through time.
Where a storybook princess yearns to soar,
so her dreams may come true.

She opens her eyes to a wide open sky,
In search of, delicious and luminous amusement.
The ravishing world, already in mind’s eye,
had brought again, her equilibrium’s inducement.

a collaboration, written by Dajena and Ax

Photo source here Fiktizia.Tumblr

Recently and I mean recently, I had the pleasure to become aquainted with Dajena’s poetry. For those who know, know this….those who don’t, please make your way over and visit the lovely stories told in the form of words creating art, painted in the mind and felt in the heart. Truly a gifted poet.

Please drop in on Dajena ~ at Moonskittles

Dajena, its been a short time knowing you but your words touch me at every turn, thank you for sharing yourself with us, thank you for sharing your words with me, here, priceless!

your friend