Don’t Let Me Down

Don’t Let Me Down

it swells, it baloons,
it double pumps and thumps
repeats repeats… i’ve fallen hard,
it hurts, it makes the heart bleed

thinking there is a love,
where nothing is compared of
in total bliss, with
good morning kisses
that lasts the entire day
only to end in dreams of more kisses
than breaths do sway

the moon hangs like a blanket shinning wide
a ring of light stretches to galaxies beyond sight
more dreams of faraway places
looking for a love,
who makes,
funny faces

heart, dont let me down
lift this frown
shine that light, shine that fucking light
let it bleed a path that leads
leads to love, the true kind
where morning kisses, draws a smile
a smile that gives thanks, to the stars
on wishes made yesterday,
comes true, with you, today
heart, dont let me down


White Wabbit Dream

White Wabbit Dream

The first time I saw her face I fell
Fell, into a feeling that petrified
Petrified any movement, holding me still
Still, felt my heart pound an echo that swelled
Swelled my head leaving me puzzled
Puzzled by this charge surging through
Through, every nerve now tingling limbs
Limbs, begin to twitch, urging steps
Steps, towards courage in this moment
Moment to speak, to greet, to meet
Meet, but for a second that would hold
Hold for an eternity if I didn’t say
Say, if I may, unless otherwise engaged
Engaged to decline, to dine, if you will
Will, this hearts beating wish to reset
Reset my night, in the company of you
You, caused me to stop
Stop she said, tilting her head, wide open eyes
Eyes that dug deep into mine
Mine began to swell, careful to hear
Hear, her voice as I crossed my fingers
Fingers clench, tearing at the seams
Seams of a pillow case, ripped from a dream


Below A Maple Tree

poems written

poems read

below a maple tree

in autumn red

drops in time

seasons leave

below a maple tree

of falling leaves

stories told

on land and sea

below a maple tree

words do see

battles lost

battles won

below a maple tree

a tale of one

pure of heart

a shinning knight

below a maple tree

day and night

a quest for love

to fill a hole

below a maple tree

becomes whole

flowing locks

shimmers with sun

below a maple tree

lights up a hum-hmmm

weak are words

penned in gibberish

below a maple tree

a poet illiterate

a knockout punch

true love found

below a maple tree

soulmates bound


A Poet Strikes A Pose

Alone in a pool of darkness, feeling a tug, slowly, pulling, under

Helpless cry, no one hears, is there, anybody there?

Begin to feel the water fill, air expelled, bubbles floating still

Fighting to stay above but darkness won’t let go

Taking hold of its desire to own, a dying heart sinking down

Darkness never lies below the line, its truth is to consume

Leads the mind sinking deep as memories fade they weep

Fighting to stay above but darkness won’t let go

Disappointment led the way, a heart turned brittle and grey

Tears washed by rain, into the sea, cleansed of hurt and pain

Baptized for the final time, sins forgiven, no longer afraid to die

Fighting to stay above but darkness won’t let go

Peaceful sunrise fills the skys, below the surface darkness smiles

Streams of light try’s to reach, where a treasure sunk besieged

Lifeless outstretched arms rose, a poet strikes a pose

No more fight left to stay above because darkness finally won


Carousel Dreams

On a ride that gleams in a child’s eye
Round and around, everyone the leader
The music gets louder, galloping faster
Spinning, spinning, bursting with laughter
Carousel dreams, in a saddle sitting high

Painted ponies gallantly trotting
Wolves on a chase through the enchanted forest
Deer in a meadow seems to leap the furthest
Snuggling with a rabbit, hopping madness
Carousel dreams, a hearts gentle throbbing

How simple and dear when the young allowed to dream
Like a coin tossed into a fountain, pays for a wish beholden
If it comes true by miracles grace, fate brings out emotion
A tragedy when left hanging, the end of the ride heart broken
Carousel dreams, that ends perhaps licking up ice cream