sex ~ drugs ~ rock and roll

maryjane maryjane, my sweet maryjane
rolled in fine lace round sweet sativa-strain
lighting one end, drag on the other
taking a trip into space, or is it in outer
focus your vision, am about to express
the need for quail, chicks with finesse
driving men mad, with lips painted bright
stars floating by, deep into the night
bobbing and weaving, lickity-sucky
driving, daddy, totally-batty
there in the back, where its dark and seedy
smoke house blues, private party
feelin the groove, its the cats meow
frothy lips, dribbling now
living this life, out on an edge
playing it cool, high on a ledge
taking a chance, what life’s all about
Its rock and roll, its twist n shout
smoke a little, dance a lot
read a poem, make love, hot, hot, hot


Walter White Meets Joe Black

His integrity sound, a man of his word
A scholar among peers, soaking the lessons learned
In Chemistry 101, the things that shape the world

Silently pity’s his life, some call it being humble
But in the pit of his belly, he hears a rumble
For a hunger, but all he does is mumble

The best for his family, with what he could do
Just not enough, with those bankers coming after you
Down on luck, what’s one more dab of shit on his shoe

He comes in the form of a human
It could be you or it could be me
He chooses, so that he could feel what he sees

He has savoured the good life once before
Comes, uninvited at the door
And parades his will, across the floor

Taking in the smells that surround him
Licking a spoonful of peanut butter with a grin
Watching a vision of beauty that arouses a sin

Death will come one day as a messenger
A warning sign, however big it doesn’t matter
In the end, a stain left from a splatter

Temptation got the best of Heisenberg’s rite
Turning clear crystal meth into blue ice
All the while, death was waiting on the night

A man made devil named Walter White
Ends the story with one survivors flight
When he meets Joe Black in the fucking light


Beat by Beat

The vibe in my head is a, spinning wheel she said
Welcome to the jungle, primal innocence is blissful
Grass burning, mind floating
Big wheel keep on turning

Sound all around and amplified, together they collide
Mash up, crash up
Fill a bong, pass along
Play another Pink Floyd song

Sitting on the floor, whiskey to pour
Room full of squatters, lined up shooters
Sipping ale, spinning tales, make it a whale

We are but travelers passing by as real life actors
Giving lessons, perhaps finding answers to questions

What we get is a moment, however brief and transient
Dare it be a pleasure
Bringing joy and laughter

Strangers from afar, imagine if, from another star
Yet how at ease we are to touch the heart in such a way
To become in tune to another’s sway

Regardless of the booze and drugs
Take it as a portal to release the plugs
Everyone you meet, a brother, a sister we should greet
Let it take you, beat by beat