Pied Piper

The dark of these woods
screams, prick as thorns,
a banshee howl warns

Conjures, a rhyme
stirring the pot,
boils boils, bubbles red hot

Disguised as a flower
luring a victim,
inhales her pollen

Dreamcatchers villain
cutting the strands,
waving, wand and hands

Eyes of desire,
the taste of sin,
kneeling, begs to begin

Swirling clouds darken,
lightning strikes,
her thunder erupts

Slashing flashes
zapping, doodle-do
flesh, a reddish-hue

Pain aflame, rising higher,
brews carnal knowledge
flooding, witches cottage

Collared and chained,
whining for a treat,
good little boy, licking feet

Follow the wand,
a pied piper longs,
sweet seductive songs

Lickity quick,
is her pet,
at making kitty wet


His, Symphony of Dreams

grey, the morning of a new dawn
where chirping birds once annoyed
now soundless, the eerie comes to mind
sky turns black, day becomes night
she stares out and sees her Dark Knight
frozen she stands and closes her eyes
His breath vapors, she sighs
the words she hears filling her head
to lay on the bed
He opens her robe exposing her flesh
her breasts heave in a calming flow
like oceans waves in a never-ending allure
they sway up and down, to a beat, on the rise
He runs His hand from her lips to her core
the heat, melting her soul
she parts her legs her will is His
as He sees fit
her scent invades, His nostrils flare
His desire to devour, every ounce of her
His fingers dance upon her skin
playing a sonata, the intro, to His opera
He parts her folds budding with dew
enters her with one then two
she barely holds her composure
playing a note for His little flower
He strokes her insides, three fingers deep
a pulsating rhythm, the orchestra peaks
climbing and climbing, the climax is near
blood flows
veins pulse
her heart set aflame
as violins stand in frame
pounding, beating like drums that rattle and roll
tongue swelling from bites out of control
the passion of a song
cymbals clash long
lashed by His bow
her, the instrument of His choice
angels and demons together rejoice
as the Conductor beams
to His, symphony of dreams


Tell Me, little girl  ~  a duet 

Is My little girl ready to play
Shush, that was not a question
Sit in your chair across from Mine
Spreads your legs and look into My eyes
Use your fingers to pet…you’re already wet
Moist and swollen, glistening lips
I see you’ve been playing without Me
What is that called?
Tell Me, little girl.

Sir, it’s called lack of attention and
Sweet affection. It’s called your work
Is important and while I understand,
Yet I’m left with the remnants of your time
It’s called I need you to be here with me
To connect with me, fully
I have too much energy to keep bottled up
It is my desire to share it with you

Building trust is the foundation of love
The way we behave and feel to speak of
But control is in My hands, not yours
Show Me how you pleasured yourself
Start off slow and work it up
Dig down deep, let juices weep
To release, letting it flow
Now Stop, how does that feel?
Tell Me, little girl.

It feels like a path I’ve traced
in searching, longing, waiting
It feels like a deep aching
longing to be fulfilled by you
It feels like a wildfire that threatens to
consume me, you, this chair, this room
Touching myself keeps my fire at bay
while you are away at work or play

The distance W/we have has a line
It’s cord woven in trust to hold
The bond W/we have as one
If you let go of an end
To give yourself freedom
Is freedom alone the idea of love?
Can two survive if one drifts off?
Would you be happier without Me?
Tell Me, little girl.

no, Sir, not happier without you
no, Sir, I don’t want us to part
Yet, there are deep needs for
my beast within to be fed
Trust me, it’s best to keep her
Hunger at bay lest she wander
Seeking relief during night & day
I hope you agree, without delay

The thought of you alone has Me bound
Off to face real life struggles found
Outside of a place I yearn to be
The thought of you playing free without Me
Drives insane, My mental state
All around, all I see, is you
The thought of you, unbound
What would it mean to be free?
Tell Me, little girl.

Sir, I do not wish to be free of you
While you are gone, my life is so plain
Your work, your play take you away all day
Chores, children, need my attention, oft a bore
My relief, respite, my freedom from boredom
Is to think of you and what you will do
When you finally return home to me
Some days you retire, too tired for my needs
Some days it is just better for me to take care of me.

to be continued…

written by ~ Tiffany & Ax

The pleasure once again is mine. Another collaboration with the talented and lovely Tiffany at SexShadows
Please visit her and enjoy her sensuous stories and poems. Mixed in you’ll find a place you can feel at ease, as you absorb her offerings. Truly a gift from a lovely heart.

Thank you Tiffany, so much for this honour 🙏❤️

King and Queen of Hearts ~ a duet

Saturday night poker and the stakes are high
It’s a winner take all in a two card draw
Face to face as stern as the King and Queen are
Dressed to impress for the boudoir
The butler shuffles the cards
Hands out 5, all facing down
The King using one to shovel up his
The Queen lets them stay where they are

She shows a brief smile, the King catches on
No need to look, that’s not how she plays
She’s never been scared of a wager
Win or lose, she pays it no matter
She knows by the end of this seething night
They will both be writhing in pleasure
The only thought is to who is on top
The Queen winks and places her dare

The king’s left breathless, his heart beating fast
She didn’t look, how can he analyze her mood?
If she won’t show her tell or is she bluffing
She opens with a whip, he counters with his cane
They both now know, this is no game
“How many cards my queen?” he says
“None my king, I’ll play with these.”
A cough sneeks out, with a shake, his head blurred

He takes 2 cards, the next bet is hers
She still doesn’t peek, and that has him unnerved
He fumbles with his cards but lays them down
When upon the table, a length of rope is thrown
His breath rushes out, his desire flares
To feel the scratch of rough fibers biting his skin
It’s a game she knows he loves and hates to win
Now it’s up to him, bet or fold?

Should he let her have him, do as he’s told?
She hasn’t looked, not once, very bold
Staring at three kings in his hand
He places her favourite strap-on, on the table
She raises her eyes, the light creates a fire
Her fingers inch towards her cards
Should she peek before calling her bet?
The one thing he’s been after to get

She whispers a name that arouses the King
He’s in town, maybe just for the night
“He said he wants to play, my dear.”
The King suppresses a shudder
His mind crawls with unending pleasure
He almost misses the nudge of the Queen
It’s now time to pony up or drop out
One more look and he throws his cards down

“I’m out! Let’s see what you got!”
“My King, when you fold, you give up the right.”
“The sceptre is yours, my Queen, am humbled to serve.”
He strips to flesh and wraps a leather kilt
He twitches, as the Queen attaches nipple clamps
She licks his face and purrs in his ear
A feline roar escapes her breath saying
You are my bitch tonight

She leads the way to a waiting chamber
Picks up her whip as she goes
The King’s eyes sparkle with lust
He gives it as good as he gets
Tonight, the crown belongs to the Queen
He’ll submit to her every request
And now with another man to play
They will both be down on their knees

Side by side their burning scent rises
Manly odour filling nostrils
Semen oozes a trickle that upsets
The Queen is not pleased with her pets
Side by side, doggie down
Arms stretched out in front
A crack of the whip, splits the air between
It sparks to ignite her fiery reign

Painted in lines, highlighting her wrath
Both men shiver in wicked delight
Pain is their ultimate pleasure tonight
After ten stripes, she rolls them over
They lock eyes and exchange heated glances
Each one lingering on hard, dripping places
The Queen smiles as she sees their reaction
“Clean him up!” she directs, “Use your tongue!”

Pointing to her King while the Queen grabs a toy
The king pushes the man down on his back
Running his tongue up, from this scrumptious sack
The tongue swirls round head, a finger in his ass
The man sees his Queen with a strap-on, on
She says a word, the busy king moans a yes
The scent of lubrication an aphrodisiacs seduction
Tip of the cock, lays ready by the rim, The Queen pushes in

The King groans in rippling pleasure
As inch by inch, he is impaled
His eyes roll back, now full at both ends
Moans muffled by the cock in his mouth
He sucks as the Queen fucks his ass
Unrelenting, long slow strokes
Mimicked by his lips and tongue
He aches to come but needs the consent of the Queen

All pistons pumping, the Queen wraps around
To grasp the Kings swollen sceptre
Gaping hole, his mouth dripping sex
With each stroke the Queen strikes
The edge comes to life as if the sun rose high
And commands their release at once
A trifecta that would please Her Grace
As she spreads her legs with a take me face

She pulls the King to her mouth, pushes the other one down
With sex on his breath, the King whispers his love
He drinks in her cries from the other’s masterful tongue
His turn now, with his own swollen crown
To claim back the Queen for his kingdom
Their bodies join, no match for their hearts
Her fingers clutch, she rides rivers of lust
And screams out his name when she comes

a collaboration ~ written by ~ VictoryInTrouble & Ax

image found on google

This collaboration was a fun one, hot damn, yes it was….

another duet ha! i made a comment that I’ve become a duet slut, the reply was, you are not a slut, you’re a cheap whore BaHahaha……..fucking awesome 🙏

Vic, thank you for writing with me. Got to play poker, tease and scheme and the Queen came up on top, but like you said, in the end, everyone is happy 😜
and speaking of, love your ending here.

Friends, please visit Vic at VictoryInTrouble
surf through, you will find a treasure.

In The Throes Of Lust

Single malt, running smooth
Heating up the inside
Taste buds dance
To the flow of scotch
Running over moss

It paints a picture
Visions in his head
All the wants
That’s whispered
Past lips as said

He can break apart
The pulls from the heart
So it leads to conquer
But weakens to one and it comes
From the dark side of lust

A light will show his lines
They curve and swirl his flesh
That covers the bones that stand erect
A twitching nervous system
Electrified by thoughts exploding in his head

Every breath he takes
Fuels the urge to consume
The nectar of the gods
Drunk from flowing silver goblets
Laid out on golden platters

Minstrels play to soothe the heart
Plucking those same strings
Now strung on a ivory harp
Set between thighs of milky white
Her fingers, tingle, as they mingle

Curling them strums arousal
The senses rouse
As they endeavour to devour
The taste of her

Chambers warmed by glowing fire
Feather stuffed pillows thrown about
St Peters Cross
Front and centre
Walls of stone with hanging shackles

Scented candles burn
Of jasmine myrrh
Inhaled the herb
Packed in a bowl
Releasing urges

Naked in the light
She sees his beauty
Half exposed
But it’s the other In the dark
She is after

Kneeling at his feet
In taking that which is sweet
To her lips and tongue
Filling her mouth
With his staff of life

The beginning of a night
That will turn the world
From light to dark
In the throes of lust


His Cherished Pet

holding hands with fingers laced
like a glove wrapped in a sweet embrace
arms that round the waist with hands on hip, placed
securely to fit with bodies aligned side by side
flesh against flesh a caress that soothes as it slides
the warmth of freedom when love is untied
with a thumb, tracing her brow she sways
as it calms her doe eyes to a starry gaze
her lips part, her hunger raised
speechless but for a sigh her breath escapes
the heat from her desire drapes
his fingers lustfully scrapes
past lips into her mouth hot and wet
tongue dancing and sucking, his eyes now set
beholding his hearts match, his cherished pet


Close Your Eyes

close your eyes
let breath fall and rise
listen to my voice
echo through
your trembling core

breathe the sounds
intake the scent
oil of amber
on my chest
intoxicating senses
let shoulders rest

your pretty head
to place upon
my pillows embrace
mercury rising
heat between
two hearts beating

a sweet surrender
a teasing ploy
bewitching toy

words stream your ear
goosebumps appear
along your neck
nips and bites
marks left wet
oh my, my pet

you tremble
high above
a safety net
for if you fall
in my care
I’ll scoop
like angels swoop
from heavens gate
the strength, my all

a warrior protects
sworn to “thee”
close your eyes
let breath fall and rise
listen to my voice
echo through
with passionate cries
to take your soul
in me
to make us whole



Source ~ digital art by Matthew Draw