Say Something ~ a tri-collaboration

God stands to look over his flock
His eyes watered, a tear welled
He remembered the beginning
He recalled the love that was put
Into creating a world, that lives and breathes
With life of every kind, one, with a mind
He bowed His head and He shook
He bit his lip, blood dripped
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
Wasted plea she whispers upon His crown
Starved by the flaccid attention He feeds His sheep
She licks the remains of their tithed release
Her faith diminished under the glow of his halo
Seeking salvation that He denies with feigned grace
Forsaken by poetic scripture He inks for them
She flees to the darkness under wing of another false prophet
“I don’t love you, but I always will”
Is what He sees and hears from above
His flock refusing His saving grace
Relying on themselves, shunning His love
Through the pain, realization comes
They are what He created, and given free will
As their Father, He’ll always love them
and the choice to accept His love, is theirs
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
The silence was deafening as thunder shakes
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
Tears fall as her scorned heart breaks
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
His heart breaks from their continued rejection
“Say something I’m giving up on you”
I surrender in blood and ashes
As the angels weep tears of sorrow
Heaven and Earth stills in reflection


Written By in Collaboration
Dana ~ Love Letters Lost At Sea  ~  visit her blog here
Adhamh ~ Southside of Heaven  ~  visit his blog here
Ax ~ Perso~in~Poesia

Honor and Privilege are two words of many that can and does describe this post for me. To be able to collaborate with two extremely talented poets. Two poets I regard as Friends first and foremost. Links to their blogs are above, please, please visit for more magical rides from the depths of the sea to dream and to the sky’s above and beyond as far as we can see.

Dana, thank you for writing with me again. Humbled and grateful doesn’t cut it but I hope you know how I really feel.

Adhamh, our first collaboration and what better way than to slide along side our Lady friend. Thank you for sharing your talent and artistry.

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A Song
Say Something by A Great Big World

That Was Yesterday

A promise was made
To love her with all his heart
That was yesterday

She sang the same song
A love that would never die
That was yesterday

Voices that draw smiles
It soothes when in company
That was yesterday

A yearning to touch
A race to fill the distance
That was yesterday

Finding ways to say
The need is greater than want
That was yesterday

The stars are in reach
They glitter in a lovers theme
That was yesterday

The moon when it’s full
Pulls the string of desire
That was yesterday

Started off perfect
Every single fucking way
That was yesterday

Another story
Of a love lost
That was yesterday

It wasn’t so bad
Being happy for a while
Wish it was today


On The Moon ~ with a different point of view

I closed my eyes to visualize
A trip into outer space

Gravity escapes me
As I rise and rise in a silent grace

Distant stars are unreachable
Except in the mind of a wild child

To think of a place oh so far away
In a utopian state

Where bliss is peace
And love is the fuel that feeds the soul

Hunger is seldom a word used
Sharing is the knowledge that creates the future

A compelling look that takes me back
To gaze at the earth with a different point of view

Settle down on the moon
Taking stock of a world before my eyes

Churning oceans of clouds that swirls
Wisps of white cotton candy spun in twirls

Snow capped mountains that dot
Valleys that are painted emerald green, it breaths

Rivers that line and weave
Pooling into lakes, once crystal clear

Trees and flowers that take turns
Blooming and shedding the passing seasons

Birds of a feather that flock
Beasts that roam securing their right to life

And man
The root of evil

I gaze once more at a twinkling light
No shapes, no life, just a spot that shines bright

My heart turns to call on earth
With a hope to save its worth


Stained in a Cloth of Conviction


She stared with a sad heart
She watched her world falling apart
With all the thoughts that lead to love
Why does this world hate so much

A child born with an innocence from birth
To live where war is the ruler of earth
All the pain trapped by her eyes
Flows the tears heard throughout time with cries

Gone are the memories told from yesterday
Draining the colour of emerald from her eyes that stray
With sadness that takes her will to stay
Her heart crushed at the sight that took her hopes away

The sun ceased to rise with its purpose for life
The moon ceased to glow with its peaceful embrace
The stars ceased to shine with its hope for a future
The world ceased to live with compassion

Heaven once blessed with benediction
Expression in sadness from the last living Angel
Her eyes cry as they weep fatal
Stained in a cloth of conviction


6 6 6

Often wondered, did Eden ever exist
A place only dreams today one can hope to see
We have the sea, it’s massive glory
Waves that can topple over shores in a storm
Or a calming escort, taking travelers home
Mountains that only few climb
Their majestic presence, sublime
Forests that hug around lakes
Rivers that bend from here to there
Like veins carrying life blood
The sun that warms the face of the earth
Sparking a fire below the surface
Thirsting for water that comes by rain
Relieving the pain
The moon, calls in a secret voice
That stirs the night to rejoice
It’s mystical powers that towers
Stars that can fill the space from black
To sparkling crystal ice
Creatures appear from the ground
To those that soar in the sky
A cycle that goes round and round
Until the sixth day
When man was found


“In the Bible, the number 6 symbolizes man and human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. Man was created on the sixth day. Men are appointed 6 days to labor”.

the above quote was taken from wikiP…i do not claim to agree with it.
i dont belive in the bible as truth. i believe the bible to be an epic story by writers from centuries ago…my, how times have changed…

on a side note…thank you to all who have dropped in to like, say hi with a comment or two and the reblogs, damn, humbled I am 🙏

Faerie Tales iv/v

We all want the perfect world
Clean air, fresh water, the natural repopulation of the living
Blooming flowers in a meadow
Trees that soar through valleys and hill tops
Wild life that is, well, Wild!
We’ve grown to destroy all that we want
This perfect world
Is Dying
At the hands that tears at the roots
So that it becomes extinct
One by one until nothing left
Maybe one day we’ll figure it out
And leave the roots behind to grow