You Never Said Goodbye

A burn that stings without tears, yet I make them cry
I make them cry, to ease the pain
The pain, that lives inside it eats emotion
The emotion that controls my every breath in life
In life, where all I can think of is you

I wake with the thought of when
When will I see
See the smile on your face as true is truth
The truth, that you don’t see me
The me that wants you badly
Badly so that I wish to die instead
Instead I watch you smile for someone else

When smoke gets in my eyes
With a stench of breath that makes me sick
Sick with nausea from cheap ass whiskey
Oh whiskey girl I still get drunk on you
You started a flame that’s been burning hot
Hotter than molten lava that spews from the ground
The ground red from the footsteps I take wandering
Wandering around and around where he stops
He stops to think and think he does
How can I go on like this

When smoke gets in my eyes
It masks the light to hide the dark
A dark that is plainly seen because of you
You float on by and by you do
You do see me, don’t you?
I guess you don’t
You never said goodbye


Soggy BouquetΒ 

Stood in the pouring rain
Waiting for the pain to wash away
With every drop it sizzles the heat
Like an iron grate, over coals, red, aflame

His head begins to roll
Rotating scrolls with words
A message lit up one day
To meet, for a date with destiny

One turned to two, it became three
With each, that passes by, the next
Is not, very far, ahead
The speed it comes up, is unforgiving

As soon as it arrives, it begins to leave
Like the breeze that comes and goes
Carry’s with it, the smells of memories
Made by a life, sowed with seeds of love

Years of youth, worn with smiles
The longing continues as time becomes grey
A journey that created a legacy
Between the souls leaving a history

As sure as there is birth, comes death
At times, it calls ahead
Aches and pains that never go away
Living in misery, absorbing its rays

Making the most of the time to come
Standing by, a humble nurse maid
Holding on, to a love that grew
From that day, they met, on a bench

Death always wins
But its most painful sin
Is not taking a life
It’s leaving one behind


HALLELUJAH ~ acrostic

Home, is where my heart lays deep

Alone, beneath in wake or sleep

Left to dwell, to pound to beat

Lost in sorrow, darkness will keep

Everlasting hopes and dreams that seep

Love, to conquer do we weep

Unbridled joy, hearts will reap

Joined in spirits, joy of life as sweet

Announce my stand, to live a heap

Hallelujah, hailed by mountainside steep




The mirror reveals
A message like that
Sweet words that endear the heart
So blissful a smile turns to want

Steam still rising
The lettered streaks fade away
He spins around hard
She catches him, rising

Her finger curls in a calling
Her silent plea, needing
Taking it slow
Feeling it flow

Without any pressure
Seasoned souls
Reeling in the vibe
Along the thighs

Skims over the bump
On the hip that tickles
Beating hearts will rise
But its the tempo that creates the high

As you can see
I know you get this
When poetry sets free
Sex, when its Steamy


Send In The Clowns

Send in the clowns
A permanent portrait painted white
Inside, he bleeds out, with a smile on his face
He plays the fool, flops about like a goof
Rolling and falling, soda bottle squirting
Driving a tiny little mini in circles
Crashing into a wall, made to look real
Just to get a laugh, from the crowd at his misery
At the end of the show the cannon blasts out
A drawf, who flies through the air and lands dead
The crowd howls and hollars at the spectacal ahead
Not knowing, that fucker was really, dead!
Blood splattered everywhere, it oozed over the sand
That fills the center circle, under a tent
The Big Top, The Biggest Show On The Road
Pinned to his little poka-dotted jacket
A note that basically said
The End

What Is Beauty?

The dawn still sleeps under a midnight blue sky
When birds, chirp and tweet, the sweetest sound
Lazy eyes awake to a buzzing as the sun begins to rise
Breath blasts out a thank you, in,

Stepping through the door
Skipping down a path
The smell of coffee brewing, at the corner store
Croissants perfuming the air, the artist,

The flakes that crumble, breaking apart
Melting on tongues, tasting the bakers heart
Smiles walking by
Strangers, greeting,

Strolling through a park, sipping
Sitting on a bench, crumbs feeding
Beaks pecking on the ground
Peace in an urban setting,

Eyes light up at first sight
The half of a whole walks up
A kiss on the lips that thrill
The joy of beauty, is this,

A journey floats inside the mind
To find, the meaning of life in kind
Where colours of cultures mix
In peace, an addicts

Lands that dot the seas
The earth that rises high to the sky
Cloaked in green swaying to the breeze
Watching the sun set, before the,

Orange fades in with a glowing yellow
Sparkles over the ocean, so mellow
Love floats on a heart of glass
That can break, with a tempests,

What is beauty? but a choice
To live a life designed with a voice
To speak, to sing, to laugh, to photograph
Memories like the paint on a canvass, that,