Emotions   ~   v/v 

Stories told in fabled fantasies
Kingdoms laid in gold upon thrones
Kings and Queens dining on blackbird pie
Cut the pie open and let them fly

Mirror mirror, yes that mirrror
The one that tells no lie
See the image it reflects?
It shows true beauty, only, on the outside

Fee Fi Fo Fum, theres that smell again
Be a good boy Jack, lets trade sum
Magic, the heart cannot deny
The desire to have, more, than none

Slip on a gurtle and tuck up that chin
Dress up imposter to win the affection
True love has no final strike
Midnight is the exact time, that starts a new day

Wave of the wand, leaving streaks of shimmering gold
The apprentice conducts a symphony of dreams
Mops and buckets dance to thunderous screams
This colourful world that came to life in a whirl

Past the meadow and into the woods
Eyes and ears, a nose so bold
Big pointy teeth that smiles
Little Red, is back to read more stories


Emotions   iv/v 

in silence a thunder roars
the sheets crinkle to the slightest movement
their thoughts blister
under frustration

when thrusting in throes
embracing the touch of his woman
inhibitions let loose
not a care other than hers, he swears

in bond, its more than just sex
more than the lust that grows like wildfire
its sharing moments
lovers, exploring poets

planning an adventure
as simple as a picnic lunch in the park
nibbling fruits and cheeses
listening as she teases

to breathe, in her words
all the thoughts, exploding in her head
his undying support
cheering, sincerely

when two souls connect
give and take, living together as one
ends in a good night
bonus, if she rides on top


Emotions   iii/v 

thoughts exploding in my head
oh yes, aided by herb rolled in a bed

wrapped in fine linen
burning slow and left smitten

so many questions jumbled together
never an answer, might as well talk about the weather

still, it rattles the brain
wondering why so much pain

thats the down side of these trips
the upside, having the munchies for pizza and chips


Emotions   ~   ii/v 

sly little one
with ginger fur
wears a mask
like an outlaw should

sly little one
with a ginger foot
quickly darts
scoots and scats

sly little one
petrified stare
its just a flower
no one is there

sly little one
the coast is clear
a step to the rear
and just like that, disappears

sly little one
alone in the woods
playful creature
another gift from god


Emotions   ~   i/v 

cardboard sleeve, smooth to the touch
the smell of worn paper fibers, sends a rush
finding a classic, grooved on vinyl
imagine the spins, in basement parties

dormroom beats, late night cramming
always one “stop”! yelling
crackles, as it skips on to the next
a song that draws backup vocals

singing along to a favorite tune
air guitar strumming to invisible drumming
kicking a pillow like theres no tomorrow
chanting…”we will, we will, rock you”

fades on the down, a pause before the sound
a ballad that soothes the heart
as lighters spark the stadium up
a sea of flames glow, to “smoke on the water”


choose one album that is crap…i dare you?