When will it be enough to fill the want.
Could it be measured using a bucket.
Watching it reach the rim,
adding some more but as soon
as I lift, the pail spills.

When will it be enough to call it day.
Would it be timed from the suns rise.
Ending to where it fades as it sets,
turning to night, and
counting the stars as wealth.

When will it be enough to say goodbye.
The final farewell to a sad, sad song.
Told what to do, when and how,
playing the game without a win,
honestly or in sin.

When will it be enough to quit and die.
Reading the needle as it points to empty.
Pushing further, a little farther,
flicking eyes like an addict does,
speeding over the limit.

When will it be enough to finally smile.
Breathe with ease, go to sleep and dream.
Awake with the need to live without a frown,
from Monday to Sunday,
on any given day.


quando il cuore si spezza, ascolta il silenzio…