In The Throes Of Lust

Single malt, running smooth
Heating up the inside
Taste buds dance
To the flow of scotch
Running over moss

It paints a picture
Visions in his head
All the wants
That’s whispered
Past lips as said

He can break apart
The pulls from the heart
So it leads to conquer
But weakens to one and it comes
From the dark side of lust

A light will show his lines
They curve and swirl his flesh
That covers the bones that stand erect
A twitching nervous system
Electrified by thoughts exploding in his head

Every breath he takes
Fuels the urge to consume
The nectar of the gods
Drunk from flowing silver goblets
Laid out on golden platters

Minstrels play to soothe the heart
Plucking those same strings
Now strung on a ivory harp
Set between thighs of milky white
Her fingers, tingle, as they mingle

Curling them strums arousal
The senses rouse
As they endeavour to devour
The taste of her

Chambers warmed by glowing fire
Feather stuffed pillows thrown about
St Peters Cross
Front and centre
Walls of stone with hanging shackles

Scented candles burn
Of jasmine myrrh
Inhaled the herb
Packed in a bowl
Releasing urges

Naked in the light
She sees his beauty
Half exposed
But it’s the other In the dark
She is after

Kneeling at his feet
In taking that which is sweet
To her lips and tongue
Filling her mouth
With his staff of life

The beginning of a night
That will turn the world
From light to dark
In the throes of lust



Quietly yielding in silence
The softness of her breath entices

Pearly buds, swell to ripen
Licking lips that draws a taste to liken

Reflective image off a silver screen
A cinematic exposure of a erotic scene

Twirling fingers, slide and roll
The flesh around a dripping wet hole

Dipping in, to coat in a sticky film
Spreading the joy, lubricating the rim

Back and forth, the intensity quickens
Slamming hard with multiple digits

The urge in me grows impatient
Arm chair quarterback, cheering on the formation

Waving banners and a foamy No.1 hand that twirls
Chanting, “we are the champions, of the world”

Driving to the line in the final seconds
Diving into the end-zone, a mark of legends

A score on the board flashing, around
A fan in the room yells, touchdown!

She does a shimmy shake
Her body vibrates

Spasm after spasm
One glory of an orgasm


don’t know about you but watching is pretty intense

Dreamstroke ~ a duet ~ nsfw


Closes his eyes to capture a moment
Her fingertips whisper β€œI need you”
His world outside is forgotten
Every inch shamelessly tending to

Gentle rub to get things going
Lips relinquishing a merciless desire
Blood heated and flowing
Smoldering flesh ignite a blazing fire

Imagine her hands slide over his chest
Groaning kisses hungry to savor
Pinching a nipple that ignites his head
Consuming your heavenly flavor

Leaning back stretching his body
Starting with a lick and erotic swirl
The swell of his cock needs to get naughty
Nothing but red stilettos on – I’m your girl

A reflection he sees in a mirror
Hands caressing your thick moaning shaft
To imagine her standing behind him
Making you swell with my intoxicating craft

The intensity soars with wings spread wide
Lustful eyes stimulated with increased motion
The feeling of bliss, alone on a ride
Filthy words erupt declaring my devotion

Muscles tighten
Worshiping my master
He whispers to heaven
Devouring faster

If only she were real
Inhaling -Swallowing – Engulfing your form
The thought of her is surreal
Violently blowing like a thunder storm


written as a duet by
Naughty Wild Girl  and  Ax

I cannot tell you how much fun this was to collaborate with Naughty Wild Girl. I’ve been wanting to get a groove on with her for eons (well, seems like it) time finally caught up. This erotic tale is naughty fun.
NWG is in Bold.
I write as the lone male in the mirror.
NWG writes as the female part. 
The question is. is it a dream. or is it real.

heres a ditty for ya.
I wrote my 16 lines.
NWG wrote her 16 lines.
Then grooved them together as one.
it was so cool how it came out without barely a tweak to edit.

Red. I am so proud of you. you went outside the box. and you shined.
Thank you for playing with me. my honor. my privedge. πŸ™β€οΈ


The smell of leather that coats the weave of spun silk
Crisscross a netting that climbs to her thighs, honey soft
Toes painted black for a sultry appeal
She works her legs drawing his eyes to feel
The teasing that ignites a fire
It burns to suck her toes with desire
Fishnets coming rolling down
A sensuous strip tease swelling his purple crown
She glides a bare foot from his crotch to his chin
He inhales the scent of her lustful skin
As his kisses trail from her heel to her toes
Parting each with his meaty tongue, sucking as he goes
She rubs her clit moistened with her spit
Her mouth shapes an O as she parts her slit
She moans with pure delight
As she inserts two fingers with might
While he kneads her feet the sensation grows
To fill her empty mouth in a pornographic pose
The head of his cock resting on her lips
As her tongue licks and flicks
His hardened shaft bobbing up and down
He plants his feet firmly on the ground
Her head cupped in his hands he slowly shags
Reaching the back of her throat she gags
The tempo quickens with a piston like thrust
Giving in to their carnal lust
They maneuver themselves into position No. 69
His cock in her mouth and him going down to dine
Her clam being shucked by his tongue
A symphony plays to their moans sung
The music of love carries a wanton need
To be royally fucked, this Muse by her steed
She readies herself legs high and parted
He enters her wet, throbbing, hungry hearted
In sync they move to a silent beat
That is drummed by their hearts in heat
The climax approaches as fireworks shoot into air
Exploding with colors of fire they freeze with a stare
Just then together they cum


In Blissful Sleep

Her pussy trickled, with anticipation
Just as his nose, bumped her button, without hesitation
His tongue from her ass, creeps up slowly
Separating her folds, he breathes her in, musty
As his meaty tongue, invades her nasty
Chin prickly wet
Glistening glide
Slippery slope
Up and down
All around
Her eyes closed tight
She feels his might
She holds her screams
The deep of her throat, swells
Barely managing a moan, his art, paints her whole
His tongue, the brush that strokes her inner soul
She squirms, her muscled legs rise
Giving her most
Enticing him to post
The filling she needs
To ride him coast to coast
His shaft hard but soft to the touch
The veins flowing, bulging
As his purple head enters her core
She makes the first of many, purring sounds
Her nails along his back sweep
Scarring his skin deep
He grinds his teeth
His head snaps back
The sensation fuels his piston like action

Harder she screams
don’t stop, don’t stop,
don’t you fucking stop.

She screams a cat like growl
Her every nerve electrified
She slurs
Oh My God
As she cums
Soaking and dripping along his thighs
His turn! he spins her around
From behind, he finishes off with a flurry
As she begs him to spray, he does in a hurry
Both collapsing
Still inside her now spooning
He holds her close their breaths in sync
His body blankets hers, in blissful sleep