Sexy toes…lay about lazy
Sprawled on blanket…nice and cozy
Flex and extend…driving crazy

Cat and mouse…a game to play
Polished in black…favorite way
Inviting gaze…S’il vous plait

Caressing thighs…tender and wise
Trailing the knee…with kisses they be
Heading for the toes…eyes do see

Lips on arches…they graze and skim
Mouth and tongue…between they rim
Sucking and licking…so wet, they swim

Bites and tugs…feel the sensation
Her flower petals…drip in desperation
Fire to the core…fingers find penetration

Heady scent…of carnal knowledge
Like incense burning…lustful homage
From heel to toe…pleased to forage

Quickened breaths…barely a sound
Whispers from lips…hearts pound
Toes in mouth…cock in mound


Lets Get Freaky

Just like that
Drop of a hat
No matter what
You’ll be a slut
I’ll be your cuckold
Now, isn’t that bold
I would dress you up
I would fill your cup
I would paint each toe
Dry them with a blow
Slip on the pumps
Enter the bucks
David is lean
Smooth as cream
Black curly locks
A jaw solid as rocks
Chiseled with a dimple
Perky goes the nipple
You lick your lips
Goliath trips
Six feet four
Broad as a door
Thighs bulge strong
As does his groin
He lifts you up, here to please
He plants a kiss, weak in the knees
Safe in his arms
This giant man charms
Straddle his hips
Tongue past lips
David takes a grip
Of his massive dick
Goliath says, Bro
Time to show
They strip her clean
Except for the heels
They stay on
Just for fun
I look at you, you look at me
I nod, this is naughty
All for you
These two
Down on your back
Time to fuck
Lapping your puss’
Rimming your anus
Planets align
Cross eyed
Taking it deep
Cock makes you weep
Filled from both ends
Ecstasy transcends
Time flys by
This buzz gets high
David and Goliath ride
Dp! oh my…
Filth from your mouth
Words not enough
Imagine pure lust
Now start to combust
Wave after wave
Your climax gave
Gushing fluid
Mind, less lucid
I look at you, you look at me
Happy?, baby
Pleasure in your eyes
Brings rise
A bath to bathe
Soothing aid
Repays the gift
Harley and Ivy, visit him


To Dream a Dream, Sweet Sweet Dream

One night with you
Is what you got me praying for

To dream a dream, sweet sweet dream

Baby, what’cha doin to me
Driven me crazy, feelin groovy
Spinnin my head, heart pumpin red
Twirlin tornado, screamin auntie Em

To dream a dream, sweet sweet dream

Light fades in, dark fades out
A silhouette appears, flaming hot
Burning curves, bumps that pop
Wiggle in your step, eyes and jaw drop
That tingle from the middle
Rising high with a smile
Swelling veins, wrap a grip
Bulging bulb, leaks a drip

To dream a dream, sweet sweet dream

Touch to touch, flesh heats up
Sweaty scent of loves buttercup
Kisses, face to face
Stars, twinkle in space
Stroke for stroke
Up in smoke
Just like that, just like that
Repeating moans that chant
Filling, filling, filling the head
Two fall in lust, all judgment fled
Pulse on the rise, eyes shine
Tonight, tonight, you’re mine
Limbs entwined, peg in hole
Thrust for thrust, losing control
Bits and bites entice a growl
The animal inside to howl
Deep penetrating soul
Climax to rock and roll

To dream a dream, sweet sweet dream


Friday Night Session

I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Your hidden eyes through fabric comes in view.
Like a visit to my mind, creating thoughts, explosive.
Watch me undress, drop my shorts, rest my head on a feathered pillow.
Your eyes glide along with my licking lips.
The stubble on my chin, sparkles from a candles flicker.
Your stare holds, to snare a visual embrace.
Flowing with my heaving chest, surfing to rise to a sweetly crest.
A belly that ripples, to a canyon with a monumental pillar.
Standing free, with its own gentle wave
Waiting for the beginning, of a Friday Night Session.
A climbers grip, caressing the challenge
To scale and stroke my package.
I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Tempo rising, beating beats, that beat, beat, beat.
Up and down, around the head and back again.
Thighs that thunder, as muscles tighten.
Curling toes, they grasp the air.
The floating image of that curtain.
Blows aside, revealing who lurks wanton.
Watching every move with yearning.
Drawing breaths, calling to join in.
With every step towards the bed.
Inflates my bulging head to purple red.
Butt-cheeks clench to close.
Before releasing the dose.


Sexual Fantasy

His journey over her curves
Dipping and turning
Side to side, swerving
Bottom to top, erotically slow
Resting at her neck as kisses flow
Breath, hot and heavy
The climb is steady
It ignites his loins ready
Giving rise to his heart
Pumping blood to his head
Swelling its girth
While rubbing her nub
Pearly button protrudes
Bulb of his cock, salutes her clits humming fits
Propelling throbs, lustfully telling
Smooth as silk
Her legs held high, parting
Down into her depths
Treacherous when wet
A firm grip required
Skimming through folds desired
Drop in the hole
Tongue fucking her bold
Dreamy-eyed, in a sensuous hold
She bites her lip, she explodes
Twisting, twitching, kicking and hissing
Orgasms that flutter
Her words stutter
She moans in ecstasy
Spun dancing to a melody
Played by a symphony
High, Held Heavenly
Wild ride through rhapsody
Lost, in a world of sexual fantasy





The Bucket List ~ His Night ~ (check)

Black suit, white shirt, shoes with an onyx shine
Silk straight tie that ripples as light reflects lines
An occasion that requires to be dressed to the nines
A check, off the list that was once so taboo, it was a crime
His Night, shared with his wife, wearing a strap on and smile

It’s her turn to drive off-road and she’s calling all the shots
Her orders executed with precision, a stretch, to make him hot
A public statement, a sexy dominatrix determined to top
She adjusts to the power and feel of her glorious, long cock
Tonight they’d be getting off once his cherry-ring popped

She eyes her man, standing tall, dark and handsome
As quick as a wink, was told to discard the Boss, fashion
A Chippendale moment, she oiled and stroked her phalanx
The fire burning inside her, heats the rubbers passion
Prepping to lube up his butt, to take her dominating accession

Switched, what started out as play is no longer a game
Fingers buried in the hair at his nape, pulled in for a taste
Tongue probing, molding, stroking making a claim
A gasp, a breath, his body sways, she took his words away
The façade protecting his ass would never be the same

The command to turn over, just like rover, would do simple
Doggie down, ass in the air, she notices his, Mars dimples
A lick from the tip, along his shaft, kissing the balls, her nose tingles
Taking in his manly scent, reaching the crest, she sizzles
At attention, holding her rubber cock, she begins to wiggle

Loins rocking with burning emotion on their own accord
Instinctually, her tongue quickly darts out to further explore
Primal musky flavor that has her stabbing at his core
Drool and spit, fingers slip, building overwhelming adore
Open and ready he accepts the tip and begs for more

Surging sphincter, a rush, rushing forward on
Tingling his cocks head, as hers penetrates in
Slippery slope, soapy suds, the joy foaming sin
The ride from behind, her smile forms a devilish grin
His Night, as she fucks his ass from up top

It’s His Night, and for her alone he gives it all to her
Meeting thrusts where pain and pleasure start to blur
Nestled deep in his seat she grinds into a slow wind
Pouring wine then a reach around to squeeze his vine
Dry from behind saying, “Your ass was always mine”

written by ~ Wetbliss and Ax. 

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I hope you enjoyed this romp. A new addition to our bucket list series.
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A talented and beautiful soul. Her pen can peel clothes off in a flash and draw the desire that comes naturally. i am honoured to call her my friend. to have had the pleasure to write with and hope to continue on.

M’Bliss, thank you yet again. Bowing 🙏➰❤️