The Wind ~ a collaboration

Sitting, prim and proper,
dreams that come alive in her head,
mixed by stories read from faerie-tale fables.
Through deep dark forests, the wind, sailing the seven seas.

Right there, at the blurred edge of reality,
distant whispers peak on crisp air,
the anchor of fluent quartz time
counts the grains of thrilling fantasy.

To conquer all within a stroke of breath
under the chiming bells of the citadel, lost
as the heart opens its wings, feathers splay
to open the unknown, locked from fear.

Forward lean, as the breeze lifts,
and hovers, caresses and under lashes peeks.
The present black and white contract,
setting the whole world acolored.

Eyes closed she snuffs all noises,
inhaling the visions that invade,
worth a purse of gold, angels made.
To be set free, in a world of make-believe.

A pounding heart, it beats at peace, a joy
winged and sealed with brooks’ laughter.
A mount’s peak, glistening with magic snow,
softly curved dunes of heat unspoken.

Faithfully await, the wind to blow,
carried on a carpetride through time.
Where a storybook princess yearns to soar,
so her dreams may come true.

She opens her eyes to a wide open sky,
In search of, delicious and luminous amusement.
The ravishing world, already in mind’s eye,
had brought again, her equilibrium’s inducement.

a collaboration, written by Dajena and Ax

Photo source here Fiktizia.Tumblr

Recently and I mean recently, I had the pleasure to become aquainted with Dajena’s poetry. For those who know, know this….those who don’t, please make your way over and visit the lovely stories told in the form of words creating art, painted in the mind and felt in the heart. Truly a gifted poet.

Please drop in on Dajena ~ at Moonskittles

Dajena, its been a short time knowing you but your words touch me at every turn, thank you for sharing yourself with us, thank you for sharing your words with me, here, priceless!

your friend

Faerie Tales    v/v 

The saddest moment of life
Is between the love of a husband and wife
It’s also the happiest time
Being alive, feeling sublime
Taking in
Giving out
Sharing all the turbulence together
Fighting for the right to love another
The saddest moment of life
Is losing that right
Living with the memories through a shadow
Talking to a ghost that never answers
Make every second count now
And fulfill your vow


Faerie Tales iv/v

We all want the perfect world
Clean air, fresh water, the natural repopulation of the living
Blooming flowers in a meadow
Trees that soar through valleys and hill tops
Wild life that is, well, Wild!
We’ve grown to destroy all that we want
This perfect world
Is Dying
At the hands that tears at the roots
So that it becomes extinct
One by one until nothing left
Maybe one day we’ll figure it out
And leave the roots behind to grow


Faerie Tales    iii/v 

These boots were made for marching
With battle drawn swords, hand to hand combat
Through open fields with archers at the ready
Loose the arrows take flight blocking out the suns light
Charging soldiers straddling stampeding horses
A war for the gods created by kings
Believing, their reign is greater
These boots were made for marching
To an eventual death at the hands of a brother
Fighting for a lost cause
This war may end, assured, followed by another


Faerie Tales    ii/v 

The princess of dreams are made
They are shaped by unrealistic desire
Smooth soft pale white shades her pinkish flesh
Can you smell it, it’s burning red hot fire

A sweetness to the eyes
Courting side by side
Adored by all passerby’s

The princess of dreams are made
By the love of soul, spirit and heart
Fuck the shapes and sizes or colors
For your princess, can you be her prince?

A strength to her arm
Courting side by side
Protecting her from harm


Faerie Tales    i/v 

The right to smile comes from birth
When liquid, turns to air
Lungs bursting to laugh aloud
Simply without a care

To be loved by those who created him
The innocence shines, not one sin to see
Funny faces of a child
Black or White