Say Something ~ a tri-collaboration

God stands to look over his flock
His eyes watered, a tear welled
He remembered the beginning
He recalled the love that was put
Into creating a world, that lives and breathes
With life of every kind, one, with a mind
He bowed His head and He shook
He bit his lip, blood dripped
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
Wasted plea she whispers upon His crown
Starved by the flaccid attention He feeds His sheep
She licks the remains of their tithed release
Her faith diminished under the glow of his halo
Seeking salvation that He denies with feigned grace
Forsaken by poetic scripture He inks for them
She flees to the darkness under wing of another false prophet
“I don’t love you, but I always will”
Is what He sees and hears from above
His flock refusing His saving grace
Relying on themselves, shunning His love
Through the pain, realization comes
They are what He created, and given free will
As their Father, He’ll always love them
and the choice to accept His love, is theirs
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
The silence was deafening as thunder shakes
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
Tears fall as her scorned heart breaks
“Say something, I’m giving up on you”
His heart breaks from their continued rejection
“Say something I’m giving up on you”
I surrender in blood and ashes
As the angels weep tears of sorrow
Heaven and Earth stills in reflection


Written By in Collaboration
Dana ~ Love Letters Lost At Sea  ~  visit her blog here
Adhamh ~ Southside of Heaven  ~  visit his blog here
Ax ~ Perso~in~Poesia

Honor and Privilege are two words of many that can and does describe this post for me. To be able to collaborate with two extremely talented poets. Two poets I regard as Friends first and foremost. Links to their blogs are above, please, please visit for more magical rides from the depths of the sea to dream and to the sky’s above and beyond as far as we can see.

Dana, thank you for writing with me again. Humbled and grateful doesn’t cut it but I hope you know how I really feel.

Adhamh, our first collaboration and what better way than to slide along side our Lady friend. Thank you for sharing your talent and artistry.

Above Photo ~ Google Images

A Song
Say Something by A Great Big World

Capture Stars

Often wondered if I’ve ever reached
If I truly gave it all…My all

Have I breathed?
Have I eaten?
Have I drunk?
Have I cared?
Have I loved?
Have I lived?
I’ve smiled.
I’ve laughed.
I’ve cried.
I’ve hated.
I’ve loved.
I’ve lived.

Yes I’ve lived
To open up my palms
To touch life that lives and breathes
And see all the moments I’ve reached
I see stars for each
But I still see space
In-between the blackness
For so much more
To place another mark
In a galaxy only I can conquor
For myself
So I will continue to
Capture Stars


A Chance For Us

I want your touch to feel the heat melt with mine
I want your love to hold its passion from inside
I want your kiss to fill my lungs with the air you breathe
I want it now to have and keep to the end of time

Don’t let me wait standing all alone in your company
Don’t make me beg but I will to show my strength
Don’t say this or that, excuses that it’s not meant to be
Don’t turn away from the path leading this way

But you will, you always do out of fear
But that’s you, you’ve been broken so many times
But it doesn’t have to be, there is a future here
But a chance for us, is all we need


Taken By The Tide

sand castle dreams, a little girls wish
music from a chamber that echoes through the meadow
cakes and sweets decked out on platters
puppies and kittens, tugging on a ball of wool

lessons in history and dance
strolls through gardens, a ladys prance
in courtship with her heart
the prince who charms her princess parts

where peace in the kingdom is celebrated with all
nobles and lords with foreigners and commoners rejoice
a life lived in harmony where all have a voice
to hear in word or song, truth and justice for all

darkness looms like clouds in a spiralling storm
the wind howls and blows with a mighty force
oceans take turns, churning water that rolls
wave after wave with a rising swale

a silence roars, the calm that comes before
sweeping dreams
just like that
taken by the tide



My soul in search to comprehend
The answers to questions rattling in my head
Reasons why my anger does ascend
Try as I might, confused instead
Promises made in all faith
The will willing but failing
All that’s left is the unknown state
These words now appear as wraith
Reaching, hoping and clutching
But still I wait
Days pass over bitter weeks
Carried off like rivers flow
Waiting for a clue but no one speaks
Yet I continue to wait for tomorrow
The sun will rise each day
Whether it snows or rains
Blessed be God’s gift
Praise for such not just on Sunday
In gratitude may it ease the pains
With hopes of spiritual uplift
A sorrows tale may consume
The hearts hardened core
Yet we yearn for happiness to dissolve its gloom
So it may like an eagle soar
With Heaven above
Or Hades below
Here we sit questioning which way to go
To live with compassion and love
Or embrace Satan’s fiery glow
In this, patience is a virtue
To dwell on past loves
When happiness carries forward
The release of two turtle doves
Those years have past now all but treasured
Faith should be cherished
Hope is always easy
Charity is a rescue
When faith has all but extinguished
Hope is now a luxury
Charity, well “to thine own self be true”
An empty heart burns within
Hate to love and love to hate
When connections lost with all akin
The truer friends will gravitate
When love of self is expressed
The inner strength is visible
As it draws out the loving
Behavior sets the tone obsessed
Speak the truth but be tactful
For words have a way of stinging