Flowers of His Adoration

He stands surrounded by the flowers of his adoration

The youngest just a budding bulb,
wound up tight and bursting at the seems.

Another, the cracks in the bud,
showing just a tinge of colour waiting to sprout.

One elongated and open with a masculine scent,
it’s rise to manhood has been sprung.

The fourth is in it’s fullest bloom
and it’s petals show the curves of mans desire.

The one that stands next to him,
she’s his partner and her bloom is beyond compare.

He stands surrounded by the flowers of his adoration

He treats them equal,
with his mind, his soul, his heart.

He cares for their existence
and strives to ensure their coexistence.

He loves them more than life itself
but lives to fight, to win, to be as one.

And he guides their way to grow,
all with the will to try.

He loves the one who shares his vision,
after all, they both designed its beauty.


dedicated to all the gentlemen, who are loving mates, husbands, fathers, brothers and beings.