Demon Within

The setting sun, comes with a fiery glow
Faster and faster, the horizon darkens slow
How the pain grows as light fades to go

Shades of blue, forms a line across the sky
Turns darkest, at a point, most high
Where evil lurks in wait to fly

The hour comes with howls through the air
Sending shivers from echoes tingling hair
White knuckle fisting, standing gloom and glare

Blowing wind, buzzes the ears
A tornado, shadows, spinning fears
As the demon within appears

Ghostly white, dressed in black
Hooded and cloaked front to back
Leading an army of ghouls that attack

The good and meek do not have a chance
Without sword, shield and lance
In the name of the Father, Son and Spirits fighting stance

Pulling and groping, sinking down
Hands like branches, vines up, from the ground
Pinned and crushing, lungs begin to drown

The anxiety flares, it starts to boil
The ache inside strained to toil
Strength of hope and faith like vinegar and oil

A battle that thrives in the heat of night
Sleepless, left weak, pray to see the light
East beyond the peaks, breaches with delight

Songs sung by birds awakening call
Lifting souls from a beaten fall
To honour a new days rise for all

The demon within, retreats to wait
For the sun to set behind heavens gate
To unleash the shadow of dreary fate


Mind Game

The smell of decay, is ripe in the air
Filling the senses with deaths lonely stare
Stretched flesh that is plied onto a bony frame
A meatless corpse hangs until the moon calls his name
The evening stars conjure dreams that come alive
Bursts of light calls, the inner demon to arise
Stench of breath, vile and impure
Mind game begins, to his will allure
Created by a sinister mind, trapped in a dream
The flow of this nightly nightmare, is a dream
Heart thumping scares that get caught in the throat
That aimless lost feeling of stuck in a sinking boat
Dark and evil are puppets on a string
Pulled and led by the mind, who is King
The ruler of every breath and each pounding beat
Controlling fear, craves its sweetest treat


The Mask

Trying to tell who is behind the mask
Simply by looking into the eyes that cast

Don Diego wraps a black scarf with cutout holes
When he leaves his mark, it’s with a Z for Zorro

He rides a stallion, under a white Stetson hat
Hi Ho Silver and away after a good deed done that day

Another is rooted, in a forest green, his arrow, truer never seen
An outlaw takes from the rich so others in need can feed

A pair, called the Dynamic Duo
A bat and a robin, protecting the streets of Gotham

One, the son of Kalel, came from the planet krypton
His mask, dressed as a mild mannered human

Beneath the mask, the identity is civilized
Witness to the rights of those victimised

Created a look, it gives hope of strength and courage
To battle the scourge of evils rampage

The Mask is used to confuse, good against bad
To decieve, believing, unknowing we’ve been had

We buy up the trinkets, stitched with symbols
Marching along to the victors spoils

While evil in the streets surges on
Building a fortune for the cinematic echelon

Crime does not pay, so said The Shadow
A vigilante, another masked hero who knows

I too, dare to wear, a mask to conceal
Stories in poetry as if it were real

Padded leather with soaring tips
The mask of Blackbird inspires scripts

Tales of ecstasy, groins soaking wet
A Dom with a mask on, who whips his little slave pet

Runaway, lost on the streets
Out on his own, his mask brings a peace

Jungle book animals wearing camouflage
Their mask creates a visual mirage

Look in the mirror and picture a vision
ones own hero, maybe, now risen



Reds, yellows and blues
They create a pallet swirled into hues
Absorbing each other like water and fibres
Expanding a story as told by liars

Stroking lines, brushed to fade
Covering a canvass under shade
Promises, promises this time to keep
What was then, becomes now, tomorrow’s weep

There are no colours, truth be known
That would bright, a heart of stone
Mixing a fantasy that swirls like Oz
A wizard? As if there ever was

Love, we all know it’s coming
We dream of it hoping
For a rainbow of colours. Truth?
Love is, black and white smooth!

A kiss is a kiss, we know when it’s right
It’s triggers emotion in plain sight
Colour it, in any way possible
As long as it tingles, unstoppable

Words, are the bonds that connect
The mortar that lines true respect
Say what you will, just don’t colour it
Let it flow, nice and slow, to commit



Grey ~ iv/v

Her light fades away, through the years dragged in time
Painful breaths escape in rhyme
A constant beat, a never ending suite
Played in a sorrows tune
In the darkest of nights
Where there is no moon

Her light fades away, from a time it was grey
Now it fades to black
As the eyes turn inward back
Another triumph from deaths attack
Another trophy for the walls of hell
Another soldier rings satans bell

The love was always there, it was her stubborn icy heart
That invited darkness to start
Taking her light, tearing it apart
No one loved her she said
Believed it so, it stuck in her head
Day by day, Her light fades away