A Kiss


a kiss
a sweetness that we all posses
it can turn one into a mess
when the must have outweighs the not, we confess

a kiss
it makes the hurt disappear
a tear wiped clear
a smile appear

a kiss
says goodbye and hello
it’s sublime to know
where there is one, the other will follow

a kiss
can miss, the desire to kiss
to feel the need, the want, the bliss
to give and receive a kiss, like this

a kiss
when given, it touches the soul
it makes the heart whole
turns the rock into roll

a kiss
is a song that tingles the hair
makes it stand in air
weakening the knees, nothing can compare

a kiss
when it smacks, it smacks hard
it takes the breath, dropping the guard
a memory, left scarred

a kiss
is this
a kiss
like this



That Was Yesterday

A promise was made
To love her with all his heart
That was yesterday

She sang the same song
A love that would never die
That was yesterday

Voices that draw smiles
It soothes when in company
That was yesterday

A yearning to touch
A race to fill the distance
That was yesterday

Finding ways to say
The need is greater than want
That was yesterday

The stars are in reach
They glitter in a lovers theme
That was yesterday

The moon when it’s full
Pulls the string of desire
That was yesterday

Started off perfect
Every single fucking way
That was yesterday

Another story
Of a love lost
That was yesterday

It wasn’t so bad
Being happy for a while
Wish it was today