Not Enough Coins In My Pocket

Reacquainted with the night, as easy as breathing
Shallow breaths that scorch, too much is this pain of living
Down by the river, the ferryman waits
Coins in my pocket I offered him, that he would take
Not enough gold to lower the plank, his silent stare looks past
Wading by the side, I’m knee deep in muddy flats
Begging for a ride to the other side, a one way ticket to never coming back
Still the ferryman gives no never mind as one by one the boat stacks
With every race that comes from this earthly swill
The sky begins to light as dawn begins to fill
The boat rocks, beached by the weight of life to die
My eyes cry the tears of want, that I too would vie
To climb aboard and stow away, hide below to decay
The ferryman waves his hand, points to the bow, I pray
Could he be, calling me, to grab hold and journey out to sea
No, the jokes on me
He wants a push, for me to toil the weight of agony and misery
That sweet sweet song, I sing along, alone to memory
Left behind watching the fog lift, I can hear their cries
The countless days in wait until darkness wakes my eyes
When I am reacquainted with the night once more
Coins in my pocket and songs of death from my core