A Violet Sky ~ a collaboration

If I could sing songs of magic
Reciting words not so tragic,
My life would surely faint,
A violet sky to paint.
Staring at heaven with eyes shut,
Travel the stars like a space nut.
A flame proof suit, for what it’s worth,
Worn with the flag of my home: Earth.

But I can’t even hold a tune
And lament always tends to loom,
Over my dreary life
With an old rusty knife,
Cutting my interstellar dreams,
Ripping them open ’til I scream.
Open my eyes to see the red,
Wishing voices out of my head.

If I could dream, this man would fly;
Spread arms like wings and soar on high,
Forego the pain that frays,
Bright as a comet splays.
Exhale the life lived in the past,
Breathe the unknown future, at last.
In my own hands destiny waits;
Deafening silence that sedates.

And reminds me without a sound
That I’m painfully here earthbound.
Clouds unfurl and encroach,
A violet sky, as if to broach.
And start to pour mercilessly,
Upon my head, melancholy.
Thus dare not dream deep down inside,
Instead I wait the ebbing tide.

If I could find a reason why
This life should live rather than die,
May a light shine bright
From this darkest of nights.
Taken by one last stolen chance,
As the blade glides, swollen eyes glance,
To see the stars begin to fade,
With final breath my choice is made.

And thus the darkness closes in
Accusing every star of sin,
Obliterating hope
Of starry dreams to cope.
Resounding silence now transports,
To an oblivion of sorts,
My soul beyond the stars on high
To rest amidst a violet sky.

Written by
Oscar Alejandro Plascencia and Ax

This message has taken me about a whole day to write. What can I say about Oscar Alejandro other than to say he is an amazing person. Not only talented but giving. He gave me a piece of his time. A stranger from another part of the world, never face to face. Thats a cool heart!
His talent is breath taking, an amazing artist.

Oscar’s blog is here, In So Many Words Please Visit and Say Hello

Oscar, thank you for this gift. Writing with you is a lesson not only in the art of poetry but also in the art of friendship and humanity.

your fan
your friend

Naked Truth

Piece by piece, exposing the flesh
All the wrongs
All the fights
All the late nights
No one understanding
In the others point of view
How many times done
Over and over
Until tops blew

Little by little, exposing the flesh
All the rights
All the sighs
All the late nights
Learning to be in love
In another’s point of view
How many times done
Over and over
Until sexy blew

Two by two, exposing flesh
All the highs
All the lows
All the late nights
Battling for a survival
In a mutual point of view
How many times done
Over and over
Until life blew

One by one, exposing flesh
All the giving
All the taking
All the late nights
Watching life fading
In a pointless point of view
How many times done
Over and over
Until death blew


Leaving My Grain Charred

Like the wind that gracefully sways the long golden wheat
Side to side, forward and back, let’s call it a dance of life
Sunny days it stands still, the wind must be taking a break
The peace so tranquil, happy dreams take part
It does wake up, on the wrong side of bed
A feeling of sadness the color grey clouds the head
It starts with a weight
Placed at the back of the neck
Like carrying a load
That’s about to break the back
Just then, I know, hell is coming
For a fight…
Jungle drums beating along the spine
Waves of pain shoot into the eyes
Toes curl, scraping nails into the floor
Shoulders slump forward as I drop to the pillow
That is the only shield I have to protect
It’s worn fibers, still, the steel of a helmet
Muster up the strength to get ready
Drugs, the only weapon to force a charge
Medicated and Vegetated
Man made crystals and God made weed
“In God We Trust” is all we need
The pain is winning with flurries
Fighting back and losing
The screams help to release but fails every time
The hours climb, ticking the clock
Rolling and rolling the air rocks
As every sound heard pierces the ear
A fist to the body as I throw up
The wind is now twisting
A tornado in my belly makes more bile
Shoot from my mouth
I wrap that pillow around my head
I hold it hard with all my might
I fight and fight with happy visions
The sun, the stars, the moon and all of life
Loves and Loses, another part of it
I fight with all my breath
Blowing out the flames
That burn in my head
After 36 hours
The fields of my body, burnt
The wheat arches over defeated
The head, like a seed bursted
Leaving my grain charred


hey gang. been absent for a short time. 36hrs or so lol
i suffer from many things but one that is a constant, are migraines
the above is a crappy piece about it.
there are many who suffer in similar ways. pain of what ails.
this piece is dedicated to the migraine suffers like me.


Faerie Tales Β  Β v/vΒ 

The saddest moment of life
Is between the love of a husband and wife
It’s also the happiest time
Being alive, feeling sublime
Taking in
Giving out
Sharing all the turbulence together
Fighting for the right to love another
The saddest moment of life
Is losing that right
Living with the memories through a shadow
Talking to a ghost that never answers
Make every second count now
And fulfill your vow